NJHS Expectations

  • The following list outlines those obligations as explained in the National Constitution:

    • Induction: Article VIII, section 4, indicates that all members must be inducted at a special ceremony to become active members of the chapter. A student remains a “successfully selected candidate” until he or she participates in this ceremony.

    • Dues: Members may be asked to pay annual chapter dues, but chapters are not required to impose dues. If dues exist, the constitution currently limits this amount to $10 per student per year. For this amount and any other obligatory expenses of members, the school should provide alternative sources of funding (or exemptions) for those students who may be unable to pay. The authentic inability of a member or his/her family to pay such financial obligations should not be the reason for the discipline or dismissal of any member. (Article IV, section 3)

    • Maintaining Chapter Standards: Once selected, all members are expected to maintain the standards by which they were selected. This means members must be well informed about selection standards, as published, and are subject to regular review by the chapter adviser. (Article VIII, section 1)

    • Meetings: Chapters hold meetings and may require members to attend. The meeting schedule should be well-publicized. (Article XIII, section 1)

    • Chapter Service Projects: All chapters are required to sponsor at least one chapter service project (section 1) and all members are required to participate (section 2), assuming the project meets the criteria as outlined in the constitution (section 3). (Article XIV, sections 1–3)

    • Individual Service Projects: In addition to the chapter service project, members must engage in additional service to reflect their own talents and interests. The amount of service and degree to which the chapter monitors this activity should be defined in the chapter bylaws. (Article XIV, section 4)

    • Additional Obligations: If additional obligations exist for members of the chapter, these obligations should be spelled out in the chapter bylaws for all members to see. It is recommended that a set of these bylaws be presented to each member yearly as a reminder. (Article XVI, section 2)

  • How To Be A Member In Good Standing:

    1. Attend and participate in all chapter meetings. 

    2. Participate in and support all of the chapter’s projects throughout the year, whether these involve service, fundraising, leadership, and training, or other outreach to the school or community.

    3. Promote service through your individual service project activities and by supporting service activities done by other groups both at school and in the community.

    4. Assume a leadership role in the chapter, whether running for office, serving as a committee chair, or volunteering for a specific responsibility at least once each year. Show respect and support for other chapter leaders in their duties and responsibilities.

    5. Welcome new members—whether new inductees or transfer members—to help each of them become an active part of the chapter quickly. Support them in understanding chapter operations. Offer explanations where needed. Look out for their best interests throughout the year.

    6. Read and respond to all paperwork or other administrative requests in a timely and appropriate manner. Adhere to deadlines.

    7. Communicate effectively. Share ideas and information about chapter activities whenever possible. Be a good listener and a strong oral and written communicator. Exercise one-way and two-way communications throughout the year.

    8. Motivate others and yourself to get involved and remain engaged to support your chapter’s activities. Encourage others to be similarly engaged throughout the year. Help all students find one activity that they can become involved in to enhance their experience at school. Be a good citizen at the local, state, national, and global level.

    9. Support and encourage the ongoing use of democratic principles in all aspects of chapter activity. Be fair. Be a role model for your peers in the chapter, for other students at school, and for those in the community. You are an ambassador of your chapter and the national organization. Each member represents the Honor Society and retains a responsibility to reflect the values of the organization in all that he or she does.

    10. Pay dues willingly and on time.