•   Edgenuity

      The Student Experience with Edgenuity

      Students use Edgenuity, an online virtual learning platform, to complete instructional units, assignments and assessments.  Each course is customized to meet the requirements of our district’s curriculum as well as the Texas state standards.  A typical lesson includes a warm-up, direct instruction, assignments for practice, quizzes and unit assessments.  Depending on the course, a student may have a lab, written composition, journal entry, and/or a project.

      The web-based program tracks the following:

      • Student pacing. Edgenuity provides a time and assignment pacing guide (assignment calendar) for students. Students know exactly how many assignments they should have completed and their target date for completion.
      • Student progress and course grades to date
      • Time spent on activities and assessments as well as any idle (inactive) time
      • Correspondence via email to parents and students regarding their progress 
      • Student grades revealing difficulty of particular concepts which may prevent them from moving forward in the course