Course Syllabus

  • Course Description and Objectives

    This two-semester course will focus on American History from 1877 to the present.   Content will be based upon the founding historical documents, focus upon political, economic, and social events related to the growth of industry and urbanization, wars and foreign conflicts, the domestic and foreign policy including major reform movements and civil rights.   Students will examine the impact of geography, the role of government and constitutional issues on society.  Students will also study American popular culture, the arts, technology and scientific innovations and their impact on American life.  Students will use a variety of primary and secondary resources and apply historical interpretation to understand multiple points of view and historical context.  


    v  To provide students a rigorous curriculum that includes a broad array of accurate historical knowledge and content that will enable them to have a strong understanding of United States History.

    v  To provide students with and help students evaluate and analyze a comprehensive array of primary and secondary source documents.

    v  To develop student’s ability to understand and argue differing historical points of view and historical context.

    v  To introduce students to the significance of history and historical understanding through demonstration of relevance and connection to current events.

    v  To provide students the opportunity to develop strong academic and social studies skills in and out of the classroom.

    v  To aid in the further development of the student's communicative ability and self-confidence through oral presentations, technology, and written projects.

    v  To prepare students for a post-secondary education and to further develop the student's research, technology, and critical thinking skills in preparation for college and/or future career.

    v  To prepare students for a post-secondary education. 


    Course Units of Study


                FALL SEMESTER

    I.            Early American/Alexis de Tocqueville

    II.            The Gilded Age

    III.            Industrialization

    IV.            Westward Expansion

    V.            Immigration & Urbanization

    VI.            American Imperialism and Becoming a World Power

    VII.            The Progressive Era

    VIII.            The United States and the First World War

    IX.            The Roaring Twenties

    X.            The Great Depression

    XI.            FDR & the New Deal



                                               I.            World War II

                                             II.            Postwar America and the Cold War

                                          III.            The Civil Rights Movement

                                         IV.            The Vietnam War

                                            V.            Years of change the 1960s & 1970s

                                         VI.            The Conservative Revolution 1980-1992

                                       VII.            Entering a New Age 1990s-present – America Today.




     Course Text


    United States History 1877-To The Present).  Texas Edition.  Emma J. Lapsansky-Werner, Peter B. Levy, Randy Roberts and Alan Taylor.  Pearson Publishing Inc.


    A classroom set of books will be available for students to use in class. Students will not check out textbooks for this course except by Administrative approval.  Students may not leave any materials in the classroom. Textbooks will be made available through On Line Access.