Assignments and Grading Policies

  • Students will be assessed on a variety of academic assignments in and outside of class.  Assignments include evaluation and interpretation of primary sources, analysis of historical documents including writings, speeches, maps, political cartoons, graphs, charts, art, and photographs.  Other assignments may assess reading comprehension and vocabulary.  Other assignments will be assigned at the discretion of the teacher and the United States History team and aligned with course objectives and Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills 

    All policies are in accordance with the Humble Independent School District and Atascocita High School guidelines.


    Nine-week Grades

    Formative quizzes, homework & classwork assignments constitute 40% of a nine-week grade

    Summative tests, quizzes, essays, projects and other assignments constitute 60% of a nine-week grade


    Semester Grade

    Semester grades are based upon the average of the two nine-week grades of each semester and the semester final exam.

                    100%    - Average of two nine-weeks grades



                                    A             90-100%

                                    B             80-89%

                                    C             75-79%

                                    D             70-74%

                                    F             69% and below


    MAKE-UP WORK: At Atascocita High School, Make-up work is the STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY. Check with your teacher to get your assignments or the teacher website.  If you miss a major test, you must ask the teacher when you can make-up the test. 


     You must make-up tests/quizzes within 1 week of your absence. You will need to make arrangements with your instructor to take a missed test or quiz.


    ReassessmentStudents will be given the opportunity to reassess or retake one test per nine-week grading period. The original assessment and reassessment grades will be averaged regardless of the second score. In order to reassess students are required to complete all assignments related to the test or quiz and must attend a tutorial session for reassessment. In addition, students will fill out the reassessment form and return with a parent signature.  Students must complete all assignments for the unit being assessed, late work policy applies.

    Other Assignments:
     If you are absent on a day when an assignment is due, then it is due the day you return. Also, if you knew about the assignment before your absence, then it is due when you return. This is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!


    AHS Late Work Policy

                                                    On time;              full credit

                                                    1-day late             max 80

                                                    2 days late           max 60

                                                    3 days late           max 40

                                                    4 days late           max 20

                                                                    5 days late – 0




    Expectation of Student Behavior in Class.


    • Be on time, in your seat, & begin work on your warm-up.
    • Wait to be dismissed by the instructor. Leave only when you have been dismissed by the teacher.
    • Show respect towards other students and the teacher at all times.
    • Be polite and always use appropriate language. Just because you hear it at the mall or on TV does not mean it is appropriate for our classroom.
    • Bring your supplies every day. See the list below.
    • Do your grooming before class; hair combing, applying makeup, spraying cologne is not appropriate behavior for our classroom.
    • Carry on a conversation before and after class not while the teacher is talking. You need to listen and you can’t listen and talk at the same time.
    • Stay in your assigned seat during the entire class period unless you are given permission to move.

    *HALL PASS/Restroom Use: You are young adults.  If I think you are abusing the privilege I will contact your parents and or limit your use. 

    *CELL PHONE/Electronic Devices This room is a NO PHONE ZONE( Red Zone)most of the time.  Don’t use your phone/ED in this room during instruction/lecture time.  Phones will be used to enhance the lesson from time to time and for personal student use per the teacher discretion.

    NO FOOD OR DRINKS –   allowed in the classroom (water is allowed). You will be directed to throw your food or drink in the trash.

    SCHOOL PROPERTY/MATERIALS - You will be held accountable for damage, theft or vandalism of school property and materials. 

    *TEACHER DETENTIONSIf classroom rules are broken or classroom disruption occurs due to your behavior, you will be assigned a 30-minute teacher detention before or after school.  Failure to attend teacher detention will result in a referral to your principal and a further consequence will be assigned. All campus rules are subject to immediate principal referrals.


    Class Materials


    Each student is expected to bring the following items to class every day:

    ¯  Spiral Notebook/Folder/Planner for Class Notes

    ¯  Paper/ Pencils

    ¯  Pen, blue or black ink 



    Students are encouraged to use the AHS web page. It will have calendars, important information, policy sheets, and assignments.