Stephen Hurt

  • English 2


    Welcome to this brand new year! I know this all seems so strange and there are so many questions surrounding this upcoming school year. Don't worry. We're all in this together. We are innovating what education looks like. Let's be a part of history. Please reach out with any questions or concerns. 

    Conference Period: 5th period

    Team meeting: 6th period

    Schedule of Academic Meet-ups (Zoom Meetings):

    • Monday: Available via email from 7:30am until 3pm.
      • Tuesday and Thursday:
      • 1st - 8am
      • 3rd - 9am
      • 5th - 10am
      • 7th - 11am
      • Office Hours - 12pm-3pm
    • Wednesday and Friday: 
      • 2nd - 8am
      • 4th - 9am
      • 6th - 10am
      • Team/Department Meetings - 12pm-3pm

    *Please note that changes to schedules, office hours, tutorials, Zoom availability will be reflected here as announcements are made. Please check back later for updates. 

Welcome to the Learning Launch!