457(b) FICA Alternative

  • Humble ISD does not contribute to Social Security.  Guest Teachers and Part-Time Temporary staff who are not eligible to participate in TRS are enrolled in the ESC Region 10 457(b) FICA Alternative Retirement Plan.

FICA Alternative

  • Guest teachers, part-time employees (20 hours or less per week), and temporary workers not participating in Teachers Retirement Systems of Texas (TRS) contribute 7.5% to a FICA Alternative Retirement Account on a pre-tax basis. Termination of employment allows for a distribution of these funds; funds therefore become taxable income when a participant receives payment. The FICA Diversified Portfolio comprises a broad range of equity and bond mutual funds and investments that are directly overseen by the Region 10 Retirement Asset Management Services (RAMS)

    Employees can learn more at Region 10 RAMS or by calling 800-943-9179.