• PE Excuses/Notes for Injuries:

    Students requesting to be excused from PE/recess must bring a note signed by their parent to the Nurse. The nurse will then notify the PE teacher. Any request is good for 3 school days. Any request for more than 3 days, must be accompanied with a physician's written order. If your child has a health condition that causes him/her to miss PE class frequently, a doctor's note will be required. 

    All injuries requiring any type of orthopedic support or device on campus must be reported with a medical excuse and provided to the nurse. If your child sustains a fracture and has a splint or a cast, or has been authorized by a physician to use crutches or a wheelchair while on campus, please check in with the nurse prior to the child returning to school. A written PE/activity restriction notice is also required, as well as a release to return to PE/recess when the student's injury has healed.

    Thank you!