• Dance Class Attire: 

    If your child has selected the Dance elective in place of P.E., he/she does not have to purchase a P.E. uniform. 

    Items to purchase: 

    • Solid black (full length) workout leggings
    • Any style of dance shoe or they can dance barefoot (Ex: jazz shoes (black or tan), ballet shoes, pirouettes, etc.)
      • NO SOCKS can be worn in place of dance shoes. 
    • Once school starts, all dance class members will order a dance class t-shirt as part of their uniform.
      • T-shirts will be $10
      • I recommend purchasing more than one since they will be required to wear this shirt every day in dance.
      • More information about how to order t-shirts will be sent out the first week of school
    • Combination Lock for their Dance locker. 
    • Spiral Notebook

    2nd Annual Football Halftime Performance: 10/17 @ KHS, more details to come