• Join Google Classroom!

    Google classroom is a platform that allows students access to notes, videos, discussions, and overall classroom content that will enhance their learning experience. 

    Log in using the following format:

    3 first letters of your first name + 3 first letters of your last name

    + the last 4 digits of your student ID + humbleisd.net

    Example: Jane Smith # 123456 = jansmi3456@humbleisd.net


    Once you are logged in:

    Click on google apps on the top right hand corner.

    Next, click on Google Classroom.

    Click on the + sign in the upper right corner and choose join class using the corresponding class code below:


    1st: ybx4dli

    2nd: tv9i9z

    4th: exzwfn

    5th: u0p7arz

    6th: pzzjg

    7th: kvgevnq