• Business Information Management

    Course Description:

    Business Information Management is a course designed to teach students to understand and utilize Microsoft Office 2016, Microsoft's suite of application software that will include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. 

    Because MS Office  is an integrated suite, the components can all be used separately or together to create professional looking documents and manage data.  With Word, the student can create letters, memos, Web pages, newsletters, and more.   Excel, the spreadsheet component, allows the student to organize data, track financial data, and create charts and graphs.  PowerPoint will allow the student to create dynamic onscreen presentations, and Access is the database tool which lets the student enter, manage and run reports on large amounts of data. 

    Every student can benefit from taking  the Business Information Management course as it is a necessary set of skill sets that will be used in high school, secondary education, and in the workplace.