• Gifted and Talented (G/T) Referrals and Testing 2022-2023



    The identification and selection of students is determined through a comprehensive, three-step process conducted by a committee which uses multiple and specific criteria.

    1. Referral

    Students may be referred by the parent(s), peers, teacher(s), other professional personnel, and/or themselves. This year, there will be an online district testing portal. This portal will only be open during the referral window and will include parental permission to test, evaluate, and receive gifted program services. Parents of students who have been referred by individuals other than their parents will be contacted to complete the online referral form.  No student may be denied access to the Humble ISD Gifted and Talented Program on the basis of race, creed, or handicapping conditions. Referrals should be completed in the online portal on the Advanced Learning and Services website. The portal will be available and open during the referral window September 1- 30, 2022

    GT Referral Flyer




    Referral Timeline

    * September 1-30, 2022 Referrals for G/T Services accepted

    * October 2022- Assessment window for 3-5 grades

    * November 2022- Assessment window for 1st-2nd grades

    * December 2022- January 6-, 2023- Assessment window for Kindergarten

    * February 3, 2023- Parent notifications from the district

    * March 1, 2023- Kindergarten services begin


    2. Testing

    Students who are referred for the Humble ISD Gifted and Talented Program are assessed with a variety of quantitative and qualitative instruments.  Once the testing is complete, the selection committee meets to look at student matrices to determine identification in the gifted and talented program. 

    3. Notification

    Parents will be notified by email from Humble ISD if the student who was nominated qualified or not for the Humble ISD Gifted and Talented Program.



    Should I Refer My Child for G/T Services?