• Transition Back to Home Campus

    Before a student returns from DAEP:

    o    Review student transcript 

    o    Identify what courses they are currently enrolled in and find out what class period space is available in those courses

    o    If space is unavailable, determine what course would most align with their pathway/endorsement

    (A student’s course should NEVER change in the middle of a marking period unless their discipline infraction prevents them from returning to a course.  That change would have occurred when they enrolled at DAEP.)


    When student returns from DAEP, a transition meeting should occur:

    o    When?  Middle School @ 8:15 am/High School @ 7:15 am

    o    Where?  AP/counselor’s office

    o    Who should attend?  student, counselor, at-risk counselor, AP,  and parent  if available

    o    What should be discussed?  Any questions or concerns the student, counselor, AP,  or parent has to ensure student success

    o    What should be provided?  A copy of the student’s schedule and locker combination (please ensure the student has an ID if applicable)

    o    Why?  A transition meeting is held for the sole purpose of setting the student up for success.  Providing them the tools necessary to meet campus expectations and settle into more productive practices.


    Follow Up:

    o    Three sessions for each student returning from DAEP regardless of the infraction. 

    (This is 1 transition meeting and 3 follow up sessions.)