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    What does the "A-Team" do? 
    Classroom Guidance:
    Classroom Guidance sessions this year will be scheduled in four cycles.  Each nine weeks we will be working with all grade levels using the "Great 8 Skills" guidance curriculum established by the Humble ISD Counseling and Behavioral Sciences department.  The Great 8 Skills include Optimistic Thinking, Self-Management, Goal-Directed Behavior, Relationship Skills, Decision Making, Personal Responsibility, Self-Awareness, and Social Awareness. The lesson will not exceed more than 30 minutes and will be scheduled during the school day.  

    Small Group Counseling: 
    We will offer groups on a variety of topics including social skills, friendships, study skills, test anxiety, or emotional self-regulation (anger management).  All groups are formed based on the needs of the students.  Any staff member or parent can refer a student they feel could benefit from small group counseling.  All requests must be submitted in writing, and a parent consent form will be required for small group participation.

    Individual Counseling: 

    Sometimes a student may have concerns that interfere with their ability to focus in the classroom. Students know that they can talk to us and discuss possible solutions that will help them work through their difficulties.  We will take referrals from students, parents, teachers, and staff members. 
    Outside Services: Referrals to private therapists and mental health counselors are available, if the situation requires more one-on-one attention for the student.
    Please feel free to contact Mr. Anthis at 281-641-3707/Ms. Allum at 281-64103756 or via email at michael.anthis@humbleisd.net or janina.allum@humbleisd.net, if you have any questions regarding these services.