•  Career and Technology Education Center


    The Career and Technology Education Center was built with bonds form the 1996 referendum.

    SBWV Architects presented design devleopment documents for the new Career and Technology Education Center.1

    The school board awarded the construction contract for the building to R. Hassell Builders, Inc of Houston for a base amount of $2,064,000.2

    The School Board approved of a purchase of 0.39 acres of additional land for the Career and Technology Education Center for $10,000 from Mr. Ellis Lee Herron.3

    An interlocal lease agreement was approved by the board in regards to the Career and Technology Education Center by North Harris Montgomery Community College District.4

    The purchase of pre-engineering manufacturing program materials was approved by the school board.5

    Network Electronic Equipment was purchased from Dell Computer Corporation for a total cost of $33,644.56.6

    The board accepted the building as substiantially complete on May 10, 2001.7

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