• Integrated Athletics at Humble High School 2019-2020

    Teachers: Alisha Thomas, Jarekia Miles, and Laura Stokes

    Adapted PE Professional: Kathryn Snider

    Paraprofessionals: Liz Navarro, Cindy Elliot, Jackie McKnight, Mayra Rosero, Eboni Davis, Ramonica Grays, Aria Rameriz, Heidi Vaughn, Mildret Campos

    Welcome to the 2020-2021 Integrated Athletics program at HHS! We have an awesome Integrated Athletics team comprised of our fabulous student athletes, coaches, and peer buddies! This new page on my website will be comprised of reviews of all the fun we will have in this class, important dates for our fun activities, and pictures of our talented athletes. Let me tell you a little about the class...we have many talented student athletes, four Humble High School teachers who will serve as Integrated Athletics Coaches, one Adapted PE coach, and nine enthusiastic paraprofessionals. Keep checking our website for important dates coming up, for pictures of our athletes learning about fitness, playing team sports, and techniques to use in other units. Please feel free to contact me if you have ideas or comments! Go Wildcats!

    Sports Activities for the 2019-2020 school year:

    August 12-October 4: Strength, conditioning, and team building

    October 14-December 13: Basketball

    January 7-March 6: Track and field

    March 11-May 1: Indoor Soccer 

    Here are proposed event dates. More information to come soon:

    Field Day Friday October 4 at Insperity Sports Complex 

    Insperity Adaptive Sports Complex
    11820 Madera Run Pkwy
    Atascocita, TX 77346  

    Basketball Tournament Tuesday December 10 at Kingwood Park High School 

    Track Meet Wednesday March 4 at Turner Stadium

    Indoor Soccer Tournament Wednesday April 29 Atascosita High School


    August 20, 2018: We spent our first week on conditioning. We walked everyday. Following our walk, we took took turns leading a variety of stretching exercises. Mr. Allen did a fantastic job at coordinating the activities. We rounded out our week on Friday by playing an exciting game of kickball. Everyone got a chance to kick the ball and play outfield. 

    August 27, 2018: We continued our activities of walking to warm up and to cool down. We had some awesome relay races after we learned to do the frog hop and duck walk! Great job everyone. On Thursday, the students voted to play kickball again on Friday. 

    September 4, 2018: Fitness is a goal for all of our athletes so we warm up everyday by walking and cool down everyday by walking. This week we learned how to do the bear crawl and practiced the frog hop and duck walk. On Friday, we divided into teams and played basketball. Here is one of our star athletes. basketball!


    September 10, 2018: Ready, set, go! Let's do our segment of cardio by walking to warm up and cool down. This week we will participate in manipulating light balls on a parachute to see how high we can bounce them and how many we can keep on the parachute. Thursday is a block day so we will start with a short period of warm up and then rotate between stations. One new station will be bowling. The activity is modified by adding a ramp for students to roll the bowl down. I will try to do my best to capture some of these moments by adding pictures. I get so involved in the activity, I don't pause to take a picture. Have a fun week.

    September 17, 2018: Our first field trip date has been set! It is Wednesday October 3, 2018. We will be having a Field Day at the Insperity Sports Complex in Humble. We will practice the skills we have learned in our Integrated Athletics class. This week we will continue our fitness quest by warming up and cooling down by walking. One fun activity will be playing parachute balls in which students see how long they can keep a ball or balls on a parachute being waved up and down. It is definitely a task in which we will learn how to work together to complete a task. Relay races will make up our activities for Wednesday; basketball, a favored activity, will be played on Friday. Let's have a fun week!

    September 24, 2018: This week is going to be so fun and filled with activities. On Monday, we have the use of a projector so we will engage in Wii fitness exercises. New stretches will be learned from watching and participating this material. Let's move! Each day, we will start our fitness routine by walking laps to warm up. Stretching is a vital component of a fitness routine so that getting in shape is done safely; therefore, we will have a variety of students lead the group in daily stretching exercises. On Thursday, we will participate in activities such as seeing how many times you can do an exercise in 30 seconds, playing around the world basketball, and bowling. We have an exciting event coming up on October 3, 2018: Integrated Athletics Field Day at Insperity Sports Complex. We will interact with our fellow Life Skills and Applied Skills peers in this district to participate in a variety of activities such as Drum Fit, kickball, and conditioning exercises. You were sent an email if an email was provided in the paperwork you signed about the opportunity to purchase a 5 dollar lunch online by September 25; the meal will consist of 2 slices of pizza, a fruit snack or rice crispy treat, and water.  Here is the link for that purchase: https://humbleisd.revtrak.net/Other/integrated-athletics/#/v/integrated-athletics-team-building-and-field-dayParents are encouraged to join us. Ready, set, go! Have fun.

    October 1, 2018: This week is finally here! I have been looking so forward to participating with our Wildcat athletes in Integrated Athletics' first Field Day at Insperity Adaptive Sports Complex in Atascosita. I hope every one has a great day. There will be covered seating areas and an air conditioned room to cool off if it gets too hot! One thing I am particularly looking forward to is PAWS fit in which students will interact with a furry, four-legged friend. Check out the activities listed below to see what fun we will be having. This week is our final week to practice our conditioning and team building skills as a unit. We will continue, however, to make sure athletes say conditioned and able to participate in team activities. Everyday, we will always start off with a warm up walk and basic stretching exercises. Our next unit will be basketball! How fun!

    Activities Available for athletes at Field Day
    Shuttle run
    Horse Shoes
    Speed Ladder
    Fancy Feet
    Bean bag toss
    Obstacle Course
    Team Building Activity
    Soccer Kick
    Corn Hole
    Playground (free play)
    October 10. 2018: The Field Day on October 3 was a huge success. Athletes especially enjoyed the PAWS fit activity with the friendly dogs. They were so awesome doing pushups and stretching exercises with their handler. The kickball game each school got to participate in was enjoyed by all! It was beautiful weather although it was a little hot! There was plenty of shade under the pavilion and plenty of ice cold water to drink. Thank you to all the coaches who helped make this event such a success.field day field day field day Well, this week we start practicing basketball! We will practice passing the ball, shooting baskets, and defending maneuvers. Of course, we will start off our activities by warming up with walking several laps around the gym. Stretching exercises will get each athlete prepared to participate in the activities for the day. We will continue to promote good sportsmanship and team building skills as we work on our basketball tasks. Our next Integrated Athletics event will be Wednesday November 28 at Summercreek High School. Let's have an active, fun week!
    October 15, 2018: This week brings us new activities...basketball. We will practice drill skills such as dribbling and passing the basketball before we ever start shooting baskets. On Fridays we will engage in a fun-filled game of basketball! basketball fun Our efforts are building up to our Integrated Athletics Basketball Tournament on November 28, 2018 at Summer Creek High School. Let's go Wildcats; let's beat our rivals and have fun. We won't forget, however, to warm up with walking exercises and stretch as a group. Let's have a great 1st week of basketball!
    October 22, 2018: This week the integrated athletics students will participate in skills related to the team game of basketball. Coaches will model and monitor the chest pass and bounce pass to transfer the basketball from one person to another. Athletes will be introduced to dribbling techniques to move the ball from one place to another. Friday will bring a half court basketball game. Shooting the ball will be a favored activity of all!
    October 29, 2018: We have a fun-filled full week of great athletic related activities. Practice makes perfect it is said so we will practice our chest pass, bounce pass, dribbling skills, and shooting baskets. We have a great system of using hula hoops to create a basket target for those students who can't reach as high. That way, everyone gets to experience success at making baskets. We absolutely have a great wildcat team! Thursday bring us to an exciting scrimmage. Let's see how many baskets we can make! Remember, athletes, to pass the ball as you make your way across the court. Here's a picture of one of our athletes that enjoys walking in a gait trainer! Great job, Alexcia.walking Have a great week!
    November 12, 2018: We are going to have another great week practicing for our upcoming district wide basketball tournament on November 28 at Summercreek High School. Student athletes will enjoy practicing dribbling, passing, and shooting skills! Our peers will be there to cheer everyone on! Everyone has done an excellent job of passing the ball and shooting baskets during our practices. Teams are divided by skill level so everyone gets multiple chances to participate. Everyday we start out our basketball practice by walking warm up laps around the gym to limber us up for our practice. Thanks to everyone who helps transport the balls to and from the gym. Let's keep up the great work!
    November 26, 2018: November 28 is our district wide integrated athletics basketball tournament at Summer Creek High School! All athletes will get to compete in fun games with district peers and skill building activities. Let's have a great time. Our class time will be spent having fun scrimages to get ready to have a blast at our games. Go Wildcats!
    December 3, 2108: Due to testing, we will not have integrated athletics classes in the gym. If weather permits, we will get some fitness building in by walking on the track. Also, we will participate in a friendly game of kickball! Our next event is the outdoor track and field event at Turner Stadium on March 6, 2019. On Monday December 10 we will start preparing for this awesome event. Let's get moving!
    December 10, 2018: Well, we got an update from our head PE coach that we will start our track and field training after we come back from the winter break. Until then, we will have fun playing a variety of games to practice skills we've learned this year. Included in these activities will be time to practice chest and bounce passes with a basketball, shoot baskets, play kickball, and do a variety of stretches. Because fitness routines are important, we will spend some time walking to warm up and cool down. One day this week we will try our hand at bowling. Ready, set, go!
    January 7, 2019: Track season is upon us! Beginning in January, we will practice different track and field events such as relay races and the long jump. We will condition ourselves to complete the variety of events while having fun and learning about the world of track and field events. Let's give a shout out to our district coach, Ms. Claxton, and one of our school coaches, Mr. Allen. Thanks for all you both do! On your mark, set, go! Have a great, active week, ya'll.
    January 14, 2019: Although the weather doesn't seem to be cooperating this week for outside track events, we will have a great time practicing warm up activities, stretches, and conditioning through walking! We will practice relay races and learn the background for different field events in our trusty gym 2. Everyone will participate, communicate, and get fit! Let's start working on our March 6 track and field event to be held at our very own Humble High School. Have a great week everyone!
    January 21, 2019: Well, team...I just looked at the weather for this upcoming week. It definitely looks as though we won't be going outside again. Just as we did before, we will make good use of our time in Integrated Athletic in the nice warm gym by doing our warm up walk, practicing stretches, and practicing relays. When we need a break from running relays, we will play an exciting game of basketball or kickball. Everyone has a great time! Have an awesome week, my team!
    January 28, 2019: Hopefully this week we can go outside this week and start some fun training on track and field events. Our students will participate in track and field activities such as the softball throw, relays, sprints, and long jump. We had a blast practicing the long jump last week. I was impressed how far our athletes can jump. I hope our athletes' parents can come cheer on Humble High School during our Track and Field Event on March 6 at Turner Stadium. Have a great week!
    February 4, 2019: Well, another week has gone by, and we haven't had much luck getting out to the track because of rain or cold weather. Our event is quickly approaching. We collected distances in the standing long jump event; everyone did a great job! Thanks! This week we will take measurements on the soft ball throw. Everyday we practice warm up and stretching skills to get us ready for the big event on March 6. I want to send a huge thank you to all staff and students who will participate in our event. One thing I am looking forward to is watching our athletes make a grand entrance through huge blow-up wildcat head to kick off our event! Let's have an awesome week!
    February 11, 2019: Another week of cold weather so no days on the track. Last week we had some fantastic times on our 50 meter run! I am really inpressed with our athletes. This week we will do our daily warm up, stretch, and run in agility lines while we are in the gym. When we go outside, we will time our 100 meter run and measure the soft ball throw. Let's have a fantastic week everyone!
    February 18, 2019: Last week everyone had a great time doing the shot put, soft ball, and tennis ball throw. We have some fantastic athletes. I can't wait for everyone to show off their skills on March 6. This week we will measure the running long jump and practice the 50 and 100 meter run! Hopefully, the weather will cooperate because our track meet is quickly approching, and I know Humble High School Wildcats will steal the show! I am so proud of all of our awesome athletes. Ready, set, go for a great week!
    February 25, 2019: Only 1 week left until our Track and Field Event at HHS's Turner Stadium. Our Wildcat athletes have practiced hard; I am proud of each one of them. We will be doing the 50 meter run, 100 meter run, standing long jump, running long jump, shot put and tennis/softball throw! I can't wait to see the cheerleaders, drumline, dance, and the JROTC presenting the colors. Parents are welcome! Please come cheer on our athletes. 
    March 4, 2019: Well, it's finally here...our exciting Track and Field Event at Turner Stadium. It's going to be cold so dress warmly. Please remember to wear athletic shoes! I ordered a sack lunch for everyone except a few students who bring their lunch, but I'm treating the Life Skills kids to pizza! So get ready for a good munch! I want to extend a huge thank you to all students and staff that have so generously donated their time and efforts to make this a memorable, fun event for all of our district athletes. I know our whole team appreciates you. Parents, feel free to come and cheer on our Wildcats. Have a great week everyone. 
    March 11, 2019: Spring Break! Have a great week.
    March 18, 2019: Well, the weather didn't cooperate for our March 6 track and field event; it has been rescheduled for Wednesday March 20. The weather is supposed to be perfect. I can't wait to see our athletes compete in running and field events. Thanks to everyone who is helping out. You all are amazing. Like I said before, come out and support our Wildcats. After the event, we will start indoor soccer! I know everyone will have fun participating in this activity. Of course, we will continue our warm up and cool down walks and continue our stretching exercises. Have a great week everyone!
    March 25, 2019: The track and field event at HHS was fantastic! Everyone did a great job. Lots of medals and ribbons were won by all athletes. Congratulations!! I have a funny picture. I had my face painted by our very own Cindy Elliot with a wildcat paw; I got really sunburned while working the track meet. Now, get ready to laugh at the following picture...I AM PROUD TO BE A HHS WILDCAT! WILDCAT!! Our next event is indoor soccer on Tuesday April 30 at Kingwood High School. I really look forward to the fun. We will continue to do our warm up laps and stretching activities. Of course, we will spend some time having fun playing basketball and kickball when we aren't hard at work learning our soccer skills!
    April 1, 2019: Our hard work starts this week on learning soccer skills. Everyone will get plenty of practice kicking with the side of their foot and passing the ball. Luckily, this is indoor soccer so the weather will not affect us. Of course, we will continue our warm up laps and stretching activities. On days we aren't practicing our soccer moves, we will have fun playing basketball and kickball. Let's have a great week getting ready for our event on April 30! 
    April 8, 2019: We got some quality time practicing soccer this week! Everyone did a fantastic job. This week we will go outside on pretty days because gym 2 will be used for testing. Good luck to all the English I testers. We will do some conditioning on the track and run some relays. On days that we don't go to the track we will practice using our foot to dribble the soccer ball and kick it in a goal. On our soccer teams we will have 5 players and a goalie. Let's all have fun chasing the ball and making goals!
    April 15, 2019: This week we will continue practicing soccer skills like kicking the ball with the side of your foot, passing the ball to other players, and kicking the ball into a goal. This week with the guidance of our awesome team leader, Ms. Kathryn, we will play our first scrimmage. Warm up activities, group games of kickball and basketball, stretching activities, and cool down laps around the gym will be worked into the time we aren't practicing soccer. Did you all know that soccer is also called football in many countries of the world? Let's get fit and have a great week everyone!
    April 22, 2019: Well, everyone! We are having soccer games to practice for our big day from now until our game April 30! Of course, we will start out our activity period by warming up with a brisk walk around the gym. Some days we will stretch before engaging in our fun game. All athletes will get a chance to play! Let's remember to pass the ball to our peers; remember to kick a soccer ball with the side of your foot. Have a great week everyone. 
    April 29, 2019: Our big day is this week! On Tuesday April 30 we will travel to Kingwood High School to play in our indoor soccer tournament. We have two teams--HHS black team and HHS purple team. Parents, come watch us play and cheer on the wildcats! Just remember to sign in at the front office at Kingwood High School. We will finish off the week playing basketball, running relays, and playing kickball! Let's have a great week! 
    May 6, 2019: Well, our indoor soccer tournament went perfectly. All athletes had a great time playing 12 minute games with peer athletes from the whole district! Everyone did a great job using the skills they learned during our intense practices in Integrated Athletics class! Humble High School won one of their games 5-1! Go Wildcats! Now that our tournaments and events are over for the year, we will continue to engage in fitness activities such as warm ups, cool downs, kickball, basketball, and relays. We will definitely stay active until the last day of school. The coaches will encourage all of our athletes to stay fit during the summer; I look forward to next year activities and events! Let's have a fun week! Stay active everyone!
    May 13, 2019: Hear ye, hear ye! Integrated Athletics coaches will have an ice cream party for all the IA athletes on May 16 during 6th period. Enjoy everyone! Our schedule is a little different from now until May 23. Gym 2 is closed so we will be going out to the track on pretty days and staying inside on bad weather days. We will fill our time with fun games, kids fitness dances, and basketball passing exercises. I can't wait to get back into the gym and play ball! Enjoy your week everyone!
    May 20, 2019: Well, not much news for Integrated Athletics this week. Gym 2 is still closed so we will be going outside and playing ball or going for a walk. Let's stay active everyone! Thank you for the awesome ice cream party! It was enjoyed by all! Have a great week!
    May 28, 2019: Because of the special schedule for finals and the last week of school, there are only 2 days this week that we will have our Integrated Athletics class. Unfortunately, it's just too hot to go outside to the track or to play football out front. One day this week we will play basketball; During our long class period, we will have an exciting game of kickball. I hope everyone has a fantastic summer! Remember to get some exercise often! Thanks for a great year; I look forward to our Integrated Athletics class next year!
    August 12, 2019: I am so glad to be back in school and to have such a great program to promote fitness and sports. We will spend the first week investigating the PRIDE components and what they each look like in Integrated Athletics here at HHS. We will play some ice breaking games to get reunited with known friends and to get to know our new friends. Of course, we will start out our class by walking laps and completing various stretching activities. I look forward to having our students lead these exercises. If time permits, we will play kickball on Thursday and basketball on Friday. Get ready, set, PLAY! Have a great week everyone!
    August 19, 2019: Every athlete had a great learning the rules and schedule for Integrated Athletics. We are working on conditioning and team building until our Field Day October 4. This week we will continue to warm up by walking in the gym, stretching out, and practicing conditioning drills like navigating cones and running relays. Let's get ready for a great week! 
    August 26, 2019: Another great week practicing to keep fit and active. Since this unit is conditioning and team building, we will continue to start our class by walking to warm up, stretching, and performing agility drills and races. Everyone will get to have a fun Friday when we vote to play basketball or kickball. Let's start getting ready to have a fun day October 4 during our Field Day at Insperity park! Ready, set, go!!
    September 3, 2019: Because our unit on conditioning, fitness, and teamwork continues until our fun field day on October 4. We will divide into groups and do conditioning activities, fitness exercises, and group relays. Fun Friday brings us a great group game of kickball! Have a fun, fit week everyone!
    September 9, 2019: We will continue a fun filled week of doing conditioning skills, stretching, and relay races! Let's get ready for our outing on October 4. This week we will play a competative game of basketball on fun Friday. Have a great week everyone! Let's all learn 1 new skill!
    September 16, 2019: Our big event is coming up! Let's get ready to have a great time during our Field Day outing. We will have many different events. One of my favorite is "drum fit". As for our class, we will continue warming up by walking laps in the gym, stretching our body in a big group, and complete conditioning skills. During our class on Thursday, we will participate in a variety of relay races. Have fun everyone! 
    September 23, 2019: Two more weeks until Field Day at Insperity Adapted Sports Complex! We have been consistently engaging in conditioning activities and relay activities after warming up and stretching to prepare for our exciting day. Don't forget that September 25 is the last day to order pizza for lunch at our event. This week we will continue our activities. On Fun Friday this week we will challenge our peers to a competetive game of kickball! Here we go!
    September 30, 2019: Our Field Day is this Friday October 4th! The other day, we watched an informative video that shows all the fun activities planned for Field Day. The events include the Olympic Field, Drum Fit, Yoga, the Playground, and the Fun Field. All of our hard work will be showcased on this awesome day. Thank you to all students and staff for making this event a great one! This week we will practice hurdles, a new event at this year's field day. Also, we will finish perfecting our conditioning and agility drills before Friday! Let's have an awesome time at Insperity Park; get ready for our next event---basketball!
    October 21, 2019: We all had such an awesome experience at Field Day on October 4! Everyone did a great job in the Olympic Field, Fun Field, Drum Fit/yoga station, and on the playground. Thanks to all the people who helped to put on this amazing event. Now our concentration will be on basketball!! We started training for our basketball event that will be held December 10 at Kingwood Park High School! We set up in three stations and divided into three groups---a basketall shooting station, a dribbling practice area, and a passing group. Everyone is doing such a good job learning the basketball skills so Humble High School can sweep all the wins! Let's have a great week everyone!
    October 28, 2019: Basketball skill acquisition practice is in full swing! Everyone is having a great time as they practice skills such as dribbling, rebounding, passing, and shooting baskets when they divide into groups. This week on Thursday we will have our first scrimmage! During our game, everyone will practice the skills covered in the groups. Let's get ready for our district wide basketball game. I am proud of the way all athletes warm up and cool down before our activities. Keep it up and enjoy the week.
    November 4, 2019: Ready, set, play ball! Students will continue to improve on a variety of basketball skills such as dribbling, passing, and shooting. Let's not forget rebounding! On Thursday, we will play a game! Let's go Wildcats. Everyone is working so hard to prepare for our fun basketall event on December 10. Have a fun week everyone!
    November 11, 2019: Another week working hard on the skills associated with basketball games! Students will rotate between 3 groups to practice dribbling, passing, and shooting/rebounding. Of course we will divide into teams and have a full game on Thursday. This will help us prepare for our event on December 10! Friday will be kickball! Enjoy our active time this week!
    November 18, 2019: Well, everyone...our day for the basketball game is quickly approaching! December 10 will be here before you know it. Humble High School Wildcats will win the games with all the practice everyone has done. All those basketball shots, dribbling exercises, passing drills, and rebounds will definitely pay off during the games. We will continue with these for the upcoming weeks. Of course, we will keep practicing safe activity practices such as warming up, cooling down, and drinking lots of water during the day. Let's rock doing these activities this week! 
    December 2, 2019: Here it is! The last week of basketball practice before our big games on December 10 is here! Kingwood Park High School will host our fun district wide games. Go Wildcats! Let's really come together this week like we always do to get some valuable practice shooting, dribbling, passing and rebounding. Now just as a sneak peak...track and field is coming up quickly! Have a great week athletes!
    December 9, 2019: Go Wildcats! Tuesday is our fun and exciting district Integrated Athletics basketball tournament at Kingwood Park High School! Parents are welcome to come and cheer our Wildcats in the basketball scrimmages. Hope to see you! Monday we will have our final practice. During the rest of the time before our holiday break, we will have fun having races, kickball games, and playing basketball. Enjoy the week and our basketball game!
    December 16, 2019: Everyone did an excellent job playing basketball and being an amazing Wildcat at Kingwood Park High School during our district wide high school basketball tournament!! Thanks to all the staff and students. Our last week before winter break will be filled with races, kickball, and basketball shoot arounds. I look forward to our upcoming unit on track and field. Humble High School will host this great event at Turner Stadium. On your mark, get set, go...Have a great week!
    January 7, 2020: Our first semester in Integrated Athletics was an absolute success! Everyone did a great job in our fitness and conditioning unit that ended with our participation in the Field Day at Insperity Adapted Sports Complex and our basketball routines that ended with our basketball games at Kingwood Park High School. Thanks to all students and staff for an amazing semester. Our next unit is track and field. We will engage in different relay races and field events. I hope the weather allows many fun days on the track at Humble High School. Our district wide track and field event will take place March 4 at Turner Stadium at our own Humble High School! Have a great week!
    January 13, 2020: This week we are starting to practice for our track and field events day coming in March! We will practice events such as hurdles, short distance running, race relays, the shot put, and crossing the finish line without stopping. Eventhough it's cool outside, remember to drink lots of water to stay healthy. Fridays will be fun days when we play basketball or kickball! Let's have a great week everyone!
    January 21, 2020: Let's hope for beautiful weather so we can start going to the track to run and practice field events. If the weather doesn't cooperate, we will practice running across the finish line, doing the long jump, running relays, and throwing a modified shot put in the nice warm, dry gym. We will definitely have fun! Everyone can look forward to a competetive game of kickball or basketball on fun Friday! Enjoy your week, athletes!
    January 27, 2020: During this week, we will begin scheduling the track and field events for our March 4th track and field event at Turner Stadium. All athletes will participate in 2 running (track) events and 1 field event. The HHS athletes will get a chance to cheer on and help the middle school athletes for their events on March 3, 2020. All athletes have been working really hard to prepare for this event! Great job! Let's have an amazing week. 
    February 10, 2020: Here comes another week of preparation for our big track and field event Wednesday March 4 at Turner Stadium! We are busily timing runs and measuring distances of long jumps and shot put throwing. Thanks to the whole team for your support and participation. I am impressed with the athletes' abilities. Have a great week, team!
    March 23, 2020: With the current situation concerning the Coronavirus, the events for Integrated Athletics are on hold. I will update you about events once I find out the information. In the meantime, check out the Life Skills Google classroom with code 2byibg2 to get ideas on how to stay active! Also, please connect via Twitter to Ms. Pullen's post: (Instructions on how to sign up for Twitter is posted as a page on my website.)

    Integrated Athletics will be posting (at least) daily on our Integrated Athletics Twitter page.  These posts will range from fitness activity ideas, at home equipment suggestions, youtube fitness videos, as well as videos from your own Adapted PE Coaches! 

    Please follow our Twitter page at: 

    Twitter Handle:  @HumbleISD_InAth

    March 30, 2020: I don't have any news. I hope this post finds all of you well and safe. I miss everyone. Stay active by following Integrated Athletics on Twitter! Talk to you next week or sooner if I get any updates. Here is a list of great websites from Ms. Pullen to help all stay active now and in the future! Have fun! Complete a Twitter post of your adventures. 

    1. Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventures-Frozen 

    Link: https://youtu.be/xlg052EKMtk

    2. Rainbow Yoga with Adriene

    3.  Coach Pirillo- Let’s Dance “Thunder” 

    Link: https://youtu.be/c4fAjqCQH9E

    4.  Freeze Dance 

    Link: https://youtu.be/2UcZWXvgMZE

    5.  Family Fun Cardio Workout

    Link: https://youtu.be/5if4cjO5nxo

    April 6, 2020: Hello everyone! I hope you are spending some of this time we have at home to engage in a variety of physical activities. Make sure you follow Ms. Pullen on Twitter. I like all the content on the links listed above. Please contact me if you have questions on how to modify these activities for your learner. Have a great week! Stay active!
    April 13, 2020: Hey friends! Ms. Pullen has listed some more great links to stay active. Here they are: 

    Yoga (more visuals and supports): 

    Cosmic Kids Yoga:  Yoga and Meditation for Kids: All about Dragons 



    Yoga-  (more independent learners)

    Yoga for the CLassroom:  Yoga with Adriene 



     Fitness (more visuals and supports): 

     Kids Home Exercises: Workout To Stay Active At Home



    Fitness-  (more independent learners)

    Work It, Shake It:  Team Beach Body



    Fitness-  (wheelchair/seated option)

    Teens on the move:  Aerobics




     Learn to do the YAAAS Bounce!



    Let me know how your adventures in staying active go! Post a comment on my website or on the Google classroom Integrated Athletics material. My favorite activity is to walk my dogs. fun staying fit Check out my video on Google classroom Integrated Athletics material to see two of my furry friends! I hope everyone has a great week. Stay fit and stay in touch!
    April 20, 2020: Hey friends! I hope everyone had a fun, active week. Are you ready for some more fun? Check out these fitness activities from Ms. Pullen. Always feel free to contact me if you have questions on how to modify these great activities. Get ready, get set, go!!!

    Movelee:  Yoga for kids:  Animal Poses



    Cosmic Yoga--Yoga for Tweens:  Minecraft! 



    50 Ways to use your Pool Noodle

    pool noodles
    Simple Home Fitness Circuit for all Ages 
    fitness circuit  
    Paul Eugene:  Low Impact Wheelchair Aerobics




    Target Audience: Beginners, Elementary

    Five Little Monkeys and more - Compilation 



    Target Audience: Teens and more independent audiences. 

    Paul Eugene: Kids Dance and Fitness



    Have a great week everyone!
    April 27, 2020: Another great week just flew by! I have another list of fun activities from Ms. Pullen! Thanks Ms. Pullen for getting these great links and ideas. Families, please let me know if you have any questions about modifications. If I don't know, I'll contact our great Integrated Athletics team, Ms. Pullen and Ms. Snider. Have a great week, my athlete friends!
    Brain Breaks: 

    Move and Freeze- By the Learning Station



    Trolls: Can't Stop The Feeling | GoNoodle



    Milkshake - Koo Koo Kanga Roo | GoNoodle



    Shake Break Exercise- Pancake Manor




    25 Fun Physical Activities with  Bubbles 


    Fitness (more visuals and supports): 

    Special OLympics Fit 5

    Level 1:  Endurance
    Link: https://resources.specialolympics.org/video-endurance-level-1

    Fitness- (more independent learners)

    Special OLympics Fit 5 

    Level 4:  Endurance 



    Dance! more visuals and supports): 

    Zumba Kids:  Old Town Road - Lil Nas X Ft. Billy Ray Cyrus



     Dance! (more independent learners):

    Hip Hop Public Health:  The Brush



    May 4, 2020: Here's some more fun activities from Ms. Pullen! Jump right in an do some exercise. I hope everyone is staying active while being at home. Be ready for our great Integrated Athletics class in the fall of 2020. It's going to be great being back at school! Enjoy your week!

    Target Audience: Beginners, Elementary
    Yoga for Kids with "Jodi the Yogi"

    Target Audience: Teens and more independent audiences.
    Yoga For When You're Angry


     Dance! more visuals and supports): 

    Target Audience: Beginners, Elementary
    Go Noodle: Poppin’ Bubbles

     Dance! (more independent learners):

    Target Audience: Teens and more independent audiences.
    34 Minutes of KIDZ BOP Dance Along Videos

     May 11, 2020: Hello fellow athletes! I've been having a great time walking my dogs and exercising on my treadmill. I hope you all have been active and enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having. Use this time this week to explore and participate in one of the activities listed above; try a new video! I am already looking forward to our great events that we have during the year in Integrated Athletics. Have a great week everyone!
    May 18, 2020: Hi friends! Here are some new activities for the week. Thank you, Ms. Pullen. Remember to stay fit by being active. Keep looking forward to some great times in Integrated Athletics next year during our daily class and at our events. Enjoy your week, athletes!


    May the 4th be with you- Star Wars Workout

    25 activities to do with a ribbon (attached) IA
    Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course!