• Investigations

    The district stresses a hands-on, manipulative approach to learning math.  Through the use of various materials and programs, the child will be able to master skills ranging from the exploration level all the way up to problem solving.  Students are provided many concrete experiences to develop mathematical concepts with a systematic transition to symbols and abstract thinking.


    Humble ISD has five goals that we reach for through one of our Programs called Investigations.  We model, explore, question, understand, and share with the students encouraging them to develop and understand deeper thinking that will lead to algebraic reasoning.


    The Five Goals of Investigations:

    • Support students to make sense of mathematics and learn that they can be mathematical thinkers.
    • Focus on computation fluency with whole number as a major goal of the elementary grades.
    • Provide substantive work in important areas of mathematics-rational numbers, geometry, measurement, data, and early algebra-and connections among them.
    • Emphasize reasoning about mathematical ideas.
    • Engage the range of learners in understanding mathematics.