• Positive Behavior Plan

    • The Fourth Grade Team will be using a monetary system for positive behavior this year.   Students will be keeping up with their withdrawals and deposits in a ledger that will be given to them.  "Payday" for each student will be the first day of the week.

      When a child has accumulated a certain amount of money, they will be able to make a payment for a reward of their choice.  When a student makes an excellent choice they will receive a "deposit" from a teacher.  When a student chooses not to follow classroom rules, they will be given a fine and will have to make a "withdrawal".  All deposits and withdrawals will be recorded in their personal ledgers.

      At the end of the year, students will take the money from their "banks" to purchase items at the grade level auction. This is a fun event for both students and teachers.


    Rewards are as Follows:

    Lunch with a 4th grade teacher - $500

    Homework Pass - $50

    Stinky Feet (shoes off in class) - $25

    Sitting by a friend at lunch - $250

    Hat Day - $25

    Bring a Toy to Class - $100

    Pajama Day - $50

    Computer time at Recess - $100

    Wacky Hair Day - $25

    Camp Chair for the Day - $40

    Pick Your Spot In Line - $20


    Fines are as Follows:

    Messy Desk - $5

    Getting Off Task - $10

    Excessive Talking - $10

    Disrespecting Others - $20-$50

    No Name on Paper - $5

    Vandalism - $20

    Inaccurate Record Keeping in Ledger - $30

    Incomplete Homework - $5-$10

    Landfill (messy floor in student area) - $5

    Office Visit to a Principal - $50

    Incomplete Ledger - $30

    Lack of Self-Control - $10

    Not Following Directions - $10