•  Community Learning Center


    The creation of a Contemporary Learning Center was the outgrowth of the Contemporary Learning Center Committee.  The committee started meeting in September 1992, to address work of earlier committees that were concerned with the building of an alternative school for Humble ISD.1

    The Contemporary Learning Center was part of a $70 million bond package.  The center was intended to serve the needs of students where traditional school programs may not meet their needs.  A strong emphasis was placed on the core curriculum, flexible hours and readily available child care.2

    The board approved an earnest contract to purchase the 25 acres for the site.3

    Schematic designs for the new building were reviewed by the school board.4

    The contract to construct the new center was awarded to Gamma Construction, with a base bid of $5,938,750.5

    $29,766 was paid to Houston Lighting & Power for construction of electric districtbution facilities to serve the center.6

    THe name was changed from the Contemporary Learning Center to the Humble ISD Community Learning Center by a board-apppointed committee.7

    The School Board performed a walk-through of the building on December 9, 1994. The projected completion date is December 14, 1994.8


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