• Our Daily Schedule 

    7:30-7:50 Arrival

    7:30-8:45 Care Time/Calendar/Shared Reading

    8:45-10:35  Readers Workshop 

    10:35-11:10  Lunch / 11:15-11:50 Recess

    11:50-12:20 Writing Workshop

    12:20-1:20 Math

    1:20-1:50  Science/Soc. Stud.

    1:50-2:20 Sparkle

    2:25-3:15  Specials

    3:20  Dismissal  



    (Our Class will be split up for specials so please see appropriate teacher for the specials schedule for your child.)


    Monday - Art
    Tuesday - PE
    Wednesday - Media/Library
    Thursday - PE
    Friday - Music 
    Monday:  Media/Library
    Tuesday:  PE
    Wednesday:  Music
    Thursday:  Art
    Friday:  PE
    Monday: PE
    Tuesday: Music
    Wednesday: Art
    Thursday: PE
    Friday:  Media/Library
    Monday:  PE
    Tuesday:  Media/Library
    Wednesday:  PE
    Thursday:  Music
    Friday:  Art
    Monday: Music
    Tuesday:  Art
    Wednesday:  PE
    Thursday:  Media/Library
    Friday:  PE