• Student’s Name: ___________________           Date of Birth: _____________

    Parent Questionnaire for Mrs. Nicholas - Tell Me About Your Child:

    Does your child play any organized sports? _____________________________

    List your child’s hobbies & interests outside of school: ____________________


    What chores is your child regularly responsible for at home? _______________


    How often does your child visit a public library? _________________________

    What are your child’s favorite books? ________________________________

    What, if any, museums does your child like to visit? _____________________

    What is your child’s favorite subject at school? _________________________

    What would your child really like to learn about this year? _________________


    What does your child hope to be when they grow up? _____________________

    What are your child’s goals for the coming school year? ___________________


    What are your hopes for your child in the coming year? ___________________


    Please write additional concerns /communications for me on the back of this page.