What You Need to Know in Room 103

  • Temperature:  Room 103 can get pretty chilly at times.  Please have a light jacket or sweater handy with your child's name on the tag so we can find the owner of misplaced jackets.  
    Water bottles: All bottles need to be leak proof, and they need to be labeled with their name in permanent marker.
    Snacks: Healthy snacks only please! Some examples are cheese, crackers, fruit, etc.   Chips, cookies, and messy snacks are not allowed.  Students are expected to be able to continue working while enjoying a nutritious and small snack. If you send their snack in a container or bag, it must have their name on it. Please remember we do 2 (morning and afternoon) snack breaks!
    Extra Clothes: Six year olds are messy and so is lunch and recess! Muddy clothes will happen as well as accidents. PLEASE keep an exra change of clothes in your students backpack. The nurse doesnt always have extra clotihng and I would hate for your students to stay in something wet!
    Behavior:  Cardinal rules of WCE need to be followed at all times. At Willow Creek we are Kind, Safe, Respectful, and Responsible. Any behavior issues will be marked in their Daily folder.