• WMS School Safety

    What’s with the new interior construction at Woodcreek Middle School?

    We are installing a new, secured reception vestibule and secured attendance window in the main foyer.  This will add a more secure environment for our receptionist, attendance clerks, and guests while also ensuring that all overall campus security is improved.

    We are expecting that the new vestibule be completed before school opens on August 20th.


    Don’t hesitate to give us a call.  281-641-5200

    At WMS student safety is priority #1

    GO LIONS!!!

    WMS Safety Plan

    Dear Woodcreek Parents,

    As a 23 year veteran in the U.S. Army and the son of a police officer, operational and physical security are incredibly important to me.  Student safety at WMS is priority #1.  Our campus is poised and practiced for various situations so that our students can attend school safely.  I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the things that we do at WMS is to help ensure your child’s safety.   

    1. All exterior doors and many interior doors are egressing (shut and lock automatically so that no one may reenter)
    2. All exterior doors where students move in/out of the building have trained duty personnel stationed at the entryway when being used by students. 
    3. A campus Peace Officer (Humble ISD police officer) is assigned to our campus.  We have built a network of additional roving police officers who are available to us if necessary.  These officers are trained in active shooter drills (Summer 2018).
    4. We have a network of 20+ campus radios that are channeled to and interconnected with each other, the southern region of Humble ISD schools, and Humble ISD police. 
    5. Visitors cannot gain access to the school through the foyer until cleared through the front office foyer (an egressing door station).  New secured reception station and attendance counter have been added (Summer/Fall 2018).
    6. We utilize the Raptor Technologies™ system to screen for registered sex offenders prior to any visitor gaining access to the school.  We also use this system via phone application as a part of our student accountability and reunification program.  This allows us to know the location and status students and teachers in real time with instant access in the palms of our hands. 
    7. We conduct regular required safety drills including "lock down" style drills.  These drills are varied to portray a variety of potential scenarios.  We work closely with our District Emergency Management and Safety Team to ensure that we are proficient in conducting these drills.  Teachers are trained to respond accordingly for active shooter scenarios, fire drills (evacuation drills), shelter-in-place drills, inclement weather drills, and reverse evacuation drills. 
    8. Students are trained to use the iHELP reporting application.  This anonymous reporting system gives students a platform for informing campus administration, counselors, and Humble ISD police of potentially dangerous situations. 
    9. Students and staff are trained in the Avoid, Deny, Defend response to imminent threats. This is a school appropriate version of the Run, Hide, Fight concept promoted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  This concept helps adults and students assess a potential threat and respond accordingly for their own protection.  Avoid, Deny, Defend is a good life skill that everyone should employ in any life threatening situation. 
    10. We are partnered with the Anti-Defamation League in the No Place for Hate campaign.  This great program trains our students to collaborate with peers, staff, community, and law enforcement to stop hate in all of its forms.  This counselor facilitated program is presented through your child’s classes and is essential to greatly reducing bullying throughout our school and community.
    11. District and Campus administration communicates to its parents through the School Messenger system.  This system gives parents quick information on events that affect your child and school via email and text.  Please help us ensure that your email and phone numbers are up to date by checking your information through the Home Access Portal (HAC).
    12. We employ continuous Situation Awareness practices.  Teachers are expected to watch for safety issues in their hallways and classrooms.  Our cafeteria has an administrator and counselor present (along with other adult monitors) at all times.  Our campus peace officer regularly patrols the interior and exterior of our school.  All administrators are highly visible and constantly moving throughout the campus to mitigate any issue big or small that may arise.  Teachers and administrators are assigned before and after school duties to watch students on the interior and exterior of the school.  
    13. All family and disciplinary disputes that could potentially affect the school are managed and handled in the front office.  Parents and students dealing with highly stressful and emotional situations are kept from the student body and do not have access to the interior classrooms or meeting rooms of the school.  If a family situation does not directly affect our school, then those parties affected are required to manage the situation off the premises. 
    14. We conduct administrative roundtable drills and bi-monthly After Action Reviews to continuously hone and improve our campus safety processes. 

    Please let us know if you have further questions regarding our safety program and practices.  You can reach us at 281-641-5200. 

    Thank you for all you do!

    Bryan Applegate

    Principal, WMS