• Valencia Anderson

    Reading English Language Arts  (RELA)                                                                                                            
    7th grade, Advanced and On Level





    I am a dedicated wordsmith and will use my passion for the written word to inject a love for reading, writing, and inquiry that transfers to the other content areas. I believe that the skills developed, honed, and mastered in RELA class will transfer across all subject areas making your child a better student and a better person.  In this class, we will work hard, but we will have fun, too.  (I love to reward students!) I deeply look forward to seeing your child make academic advancement that will carry them towards a bright future.  Our reading and writing workshop model, which we will implement in small groups, will help us close gaps and strengthen each child's understanding of the fundamentals. 

    My one BIG ASK is that you, as a parent, would partner with me as your child's teacher and coach to move your child through the learning continuum.  Please check Schoology and HAC weekly as well as your child's interactive notebook (INB).  This notebook is a study tool where I will model to every child how to capture their learning in a way that helps them to "own" the skills we are working on each day.  The right side is where your child will receive teacher's input (notes, graphic organizers, foldables, etc.).  The left side is student output, where students will recontextualize the information given to them that day in a new and inventive way, in order to truly internalize their learning.  Interactive notebooks will be checked periodically for organization and neatness, thereby helping to set the stage for learning.  Students will also maintain a reading log (a tool to help students interact with their library book, which they will check out for their independent reading segment) and a Student Data Tracker (a tool to help students know weekly where they stand concerning their grades).  Students will update their INBs, reading logs, and Student Data tracker regularly.  With these three tools (INBs, reading log, and Student Data Tracker), students can set up meaningful and productive tutorial sessions as well as teacher-student small group sessions.

    Here's to a productive and impactful 2022-2023 school year.  


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    1st Period:      7th Grade OL

    2nd Period:     7th Grade ADV                                                                  

    3rd Period:      7th Grade OL

    4th Period:      7th Grade OL 

    5th Period:      7th Grade OL            

    6th Period:      Conference 

    7th Period:      7th Grade OL



    Wednesday afternoon:  4:05- 4:35 PM  

    Friday mornings:           8:05- 8:30 AM

    Schoology Link: https://humble.schoology.com/