• I'm starting my 9th year as a teacher. I have not always been a teacher but I have worked with kids since I graduated in Venezuela as a psychologist in 2005. Humble ISD feels like home! 

    My biggest accomplishment is my family. Sammy and Valeria are the why I do anything I do. Leaving Venezuela and making the USA our home was just so we could provide them with the best future we could. That is why it makes me so proud to be a Spanish Immersion teacher, because I get to celebrate my culture as well as Hispanic culture. 

    As a family we love to explore, do roadtrips, make projects together, especially if it is for the new house! I personally love to make soap, bread and read. 

    In my classroom we are a family, from now on, your child will be mine and I'll consider you and I part of a team. I believe you are the first and best teacher of your child, and any input you have of your child is greatly appreciated. Nevertheless I also work hard to make them independent and self reliant because I believe it fosters confidence and develops problem solving skills.



    Us and the new house!