• Student Council Committee Summary


    Community Service Committee

    This committee will take on projects that help people and organizations in need, within our school, community, and state. This includes raising awareness and fundraising for various individuals and charities, such as Addi’s Faith. We also donate our time and service to different organizations like the YMCA and Rosemont Retirement Village. We hope that this committee will be able to make a difference in our school and community this year. 



    Staff/Teacher Appreciation/Recognition (STAR)

    Our faculty does a lot for us, and STAR is geared towards showing our gratitude to the many wonderful people who help us get through each day.  Each month we will give our teachers and support staff a token of our gratitude, whether that be candy, thank you cards, or other gifts. We will also be in charge and planning teacher appreciation week. Remember, happy teachers equal happy kids!  Let’s show the faculty how much we care.



     Drug, Alcohol, Safety, and Health (D.A.S.H.)

    Student Council is a friend to our student body, right? Well, what do friends do? They don’t let friends drink, smoke, do drugs…or do anything else that would cause their bodies harm.  We want healthy friends!  With D.A.S.H., we will truly be a friend to our peers, showing them the hazards of things like drugs, and alcohol, as well as benefits of things like bike safety and healthy eating. Demonstrations, posters, statistical announcements, and more will be the tools of this committee.  D.A.S.H. will lead the fight in helping our peers lead healthy lives.



    Pride and Patriotism:

    The P&P committee will work toward recognizing and celebrating local/school, state, and national holidays. We would also focus on recognizing local achievements by our students and staff. This is a new committee, and as such, will be growing in responsibility as we learn more about it.



    Spirit Committee & Welcome Crew:

    Spirit committee is in charge spreading school spirit.  They will try to unite the student body by creating an outgoing atmosphere by hosting morning shows, class competitions, Wolf Pride days and more.   The Spirit Crew will strengthen the school by building relationships!


    New students arrive to our school every week.  Let’s make show them how friendly WLMS is! Welcome Crew will give school tours, allow new students to sit with them during lunch, and prepare welcome gifts.  Student Council is here to make WLMS a better place; and the Welcome Crew will ensure a new student’s first impression is a good one!



    Energy and Environment (E&E)

    This committee will be in charge of the beautification and environmental awareness of our school. Projects will be centered towards keeping the grounds of WLMS looking neat and educating the school of environmental issues. Committee members can do things such as host a school clean-up day, make sure old posters and banners are removed from the hallways, or help out with setting up books neatly in the library. Other projects will be energy and environment minded such as beautifying the green spaces, “Turn your lights out!” reminders for classroom switches, etc. We hope that this committee will be able to make a difference in the overall attitude and appearance of our school this year.