Group Term Life - Standard

  • Employer-paid Term Life & AD&D Insurance

    Humble ISD provides all eligible employees with employee-sponsored Group Basic Life & Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance. An eligible employee is an active employee who regularly works more than 20 hours each week. Seasonal or temporary employees are not eligible.

    The policy pays $15,000 to help cover funeral expenses, pay off debts, or cover living expenses for surviving family members. The benefit reduces to $9,800 at age 65 and $7,600 at age 70.

    Voluntary Term Life Insurance

    Voluntary Life Insurance is term coverage you may purchase in addition to the basic life plan provided by Humble ISD. Group life insurance also allows you to purchase insurance that will cover you for a specific period of time while you are employed. The Standard provides this insurance to eligible employees who are interested in Voluntary Life Insurance.

    This year, the only employee guaranteed issue amount is six (6) times your salary or $300,000. Spouse guaranteed issue amount is $50,000. An Evidence of Insurability (EOI) is required if electing more than the guaranteed issue amounts. The maximum election for child life insurance is $10,000. 

    You must enroll during open enrollment. During open enrollment, employees who are currently enrolled in Additional Life or Spouse Life may increase their benefit up to the guarantee issue amounts without submitting Evidence of Insurability (EOI). New hires may apply for amounts up to the guarantee issue without an EOI within 31 days from the date of eligibility. Employees who enroll after the first 31 days of their employment will be subject to insurability and are required to complete the EOI  prior to cover being issued. The EOI must be completed before the end of open enrollment.


    Voluntary Permanent Life Insurance

    Voluntary Permanent Life Insurance is insurance that you can keep with you even after you are no longer employed by Humble ISD. The policy remains in force until death or age 121, as long as you pay the necessary premiums on time.  Texas Life provides this insurance to eligible employees who are interested in Voluntary Permanent Life Insurance.

Additional Life Insurance Information

  • Waiting Period - If you are already a member on the date the group policy is effective, you are eligible on that date. If you become a member after the group policy effective date, you are eligible on the first day of the month that follows the date you become a member. On new coverage under this plan, you must be at work for one full day for coverage to start after the plan year begins.

    Beneficiary Designation - It is important to Update Beneficiariy Information. The Beneficiary Designation FAQ contains additional helpful information.