GAP / Hospital Indemnity

  • Most insurance will only cover a portion of your overall medical expenses. The hospital indemnity plan is designed to help cover your out-of-pocket expenses due to an inpatient hospital stay and assist with deductibles and expenses that are not covered. Benefits are paid directly to you and can be used per your discretion. Coverage is available for spouses and eligible children.

    • Metlife helps protect you and your family from unexpected expenses
    • Evidence of Insurability is not required
    • Plan is portable
    • Children covered from birth to age 26
    • Both plans cover sickness and injury on and off the job
    • Plan 1 offers additional coverage for inpatient and outpatient surgery, amulance benefit, diagnostic procedures, and emergency care
    • Both plans cover a $2,000 hospital admission benefit.
    • To file a claim, see important claim submission instructions on the MetLife Claim Form . You must complete form as required and submit the completed form along with all necessary supporting documents required to Metlife for processing. Group Policy#0215439.To contact Melife call (866) 626-3705.

        MetLife Hospital Indemnity - Plan 1   MetLife Hospital Indemnity - Plan 2                                                   

      Hospital Indemnity Monthly Rates

    Coverage Tier HSA Compliant High Plan 1 HSA Compliant Low Plan 2
    Employee Only  $37.04 $18.98
    Employee+Spouse $66.48 $33.38
    Employee+Child(ren) $55.52 $28.46
    Employee+Family $84.96 $42.88