Disability-American Fidelity

  • American Fidelity's long-term disability insurance offers a variety of features and benefit amounts to meet each employee's needs.  The benefit is paid directly to you and helps provide financial peace of mind, so you can focus on getting better.

    • Options for waiting period in calendar days 7, 14, 30-days include hospital waiver. The other options of 60, 90, 150-days of disability are also available. The waiting period is how long you have to wait until the disability cover would begin.
    • Amount coverage will vary depending on what percentage of your salary you choose.
    • New enrollees are subject to a pre-existing limitation for anything that is currently treated, should be treated, or the employee has been taking medication for three (3) months prior to the effective date, will not be covered for the first twelve (12) months. 
    • Existing employees are grandfathered into their current coverage or can change to the new plan(s) without having a pre-exisiting condition, only if they have been on their current plan(s) for twelve (12) months or longer.
    • The disability coverage offers a $150 physical expense benefit payable for an injury if no other claim is made.
    • New coverage under this plan, you must be at work for one(1) full day for coverage to be in effect after the plan year begins.

    AFA Disability Claim Packet