• Tiny Houses, Big Differences A Proposal from Kingwood Park and Summer Creek High Schools

    P R O J E C T   D E S C R I P T I O N

    Summer Creek and Kingwood Park high school students and teachers will work together to create a master planned tiny home community in the Houston area, for our homeless veterans. Together the schools will design and build model homes on each campus, in collaboration with local architects and engineers with the intent of inlcuding other schools in the Houston area as the project progresses. 

    A C T I O N   P L A N 

    Phase 1:  Pilot Program

    Partner with Humble ISD Educational Foundation to find funding and support to construct two Tiny Home Prototypes which are approximately 200 +/- SF, one per campus.

    Phase 2: Building the Community

    Cultivate long-term non-profit and industry partners to build and expand the community. Then we can challenge other schools and cities to get involved.