• Summer Creek Technology






    -Do I need to submit an IT (ivanti) Ticket for ___________?

    YES. We don't ask this of you to annoy, but to track and keep us accountable. It also makes it easier to ask for replacement equipment if there is a record of the issues.  When in doubt - check the list here.


    -I just purchased my own printer to use in my classroom, can you help me set it up?

    No, sorry, we are not allowed to assist you.  You may install it, but we cannot suport it.


    -Why does it take so long for the blown lamp in my projector to be replaced.

    Projector Lamps are not kept on campus.  We have to requisition them from District IT based on your IT (ivanti) Ticket.


    -Do you have remote advancers/mice (or also known as 'clickers') I can borrow?

    No, sorry, these are considered personal items.


    -Do I really have to remove or copy all my data/files before you can reimage my computer?

    Yes.  The reimage process totally erases your hard drive before the operating system and programs are reinstalled.


    -I want to show something from Netflix/Hulu/Vudu in my class for a lesson.  How can I access these sites?

    This is done on a case by case basis.  You will need to submit an IT (ivanti) Ticket with your request.


    -I cannot play a DVD in my computer.  Why?

    Windows 10 does not include the necessary software.  You can download a player that will play DVDs called VLC.  Click here to learn how.


    -I want to do a Video Conference with a guest speaker - can we do this?

    Yes!  We have the Zoom System available.  Contact us for training.


    -We are having an event and need a projector and screen, can I check one out?

    Yes.  Submit an IT (ivanti) Ticket with what you need and when you need it.