General Studio Information

    Studio Routines & Curriculum:

    Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Art classes will help you build a foundation of specific skills through structured units that connect to past and present artists and universal themes. Just as important as skill development will be regular time inside and outside of units for you to develop your own creative style and voice. Most Fridays will be reserved for Voice and Choice activities: use this time to try a new instructor-offered activity, or work on your own, self-directed artwork. This is also a perfect time to prepare artwork for a variety of competitions throughout the year.

    We are blessed to be in a beautiful new school surrounded by local nature and a thriving neighborhood. As much as possible, we will work outside of the classroom, observing and incorporating our surroundings into our art. We will also strive to connect with local organizations, using our art to strengthen the broader community.

    Studio Expectations:

    Our goal is to build a studio community where respect is mutual and every artist is able to fulfill their potential. We work to build positive relationships at the beginning of the year and continue this process through critique sessions, opportunities for you to teach your fellow artists, and regular opportunities to give feedback on your learning.

    When conflicts occur, we’ll work together to determine the best solution. If necessary, I’ll reach out to parents, counselors and administration for extra support. Parents and students, please contact me at any time with questions or concerns.


    Assessment & Grading:

    Each project will be evaluated using a specific rubric that will be posted on our website. Various projects will also offer you the opportunity to co-create your own standards for assessment. For example you might decide that you would like to build your skills in shading and value, so you would add this standard to your rubric.