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    My goal for this page is to provide parents with more information about 

    what content we learn in my class as well as the programs and methods we use.   

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    As stated from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) website, "Texas has adopted curriculum standards that are to be used in all the state's public schools. The current standards, which outline what students are to learn in each course or grade, are called Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).  The standards are adopted by the State Board of Education, after extensive input from educators and other stakeholders." Below is more information about the concepts to be covered in my classroom this year.


    Science    Click Here for the 5th Grade Science TEKS



    Teachers use a variety of programs to engage and reach each learner. As we grow in our professional development, we bring into our classroom new ideas, techniques, routines, and programs to maximize our students' success. Below are a few of the major programs/routines that we pull from in our 5th grade lesson planning. Each website provides an overview of the program, parent information section, and usually a practice or sample section to better understand how the content is presented. 

    StemScopes   Click Here for StemScopes Website 


    Generation Genius          Click Here for Generation Genius Website