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    A student must be given ample opportunities to share their thoughts and demostrate mastery of the content being taught. In my class I choose to also have the students keep a record of their learning through the use of an interactive journal. An interactive journal is a tool that accomodates several learning styles at once while providing a clear picture of what concepts the student fully understands and highlights any misconceptions. We build this journal all year long and reflect back often to our previous learning to strengthen our knowledge.  


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    From time to time, I am addressed with concerns from parents about what and how we teach the kiddos. 

    I've heard some of those "Back in my day..." comments such as:

    "This isn't how I was taught in school."

    "Why are you teaching my child this way to do things?"

    "I didn't do it this way and I'm a successful person."   

    Here is an short article that provides a great explanation as to why classrooms, lessons, and techniques are different compared to how we (the adults) we taught. It focuses on math instruction specifically, but can be applied across all subject areas. :)

    Click for Article - What Was Wrong With the Old Way?