Absences, Attendance, Tardies


    Please remember to report your child's absences to the school.

    In the event your child is absent, parents are asked to call 281-641-3419 to report an absence. As stated in the Humble ISD Parent/Student handbook, a written excuse for an absence is required upon returning to school. Please submit the absence excuse in writing or by email to the Registrar/Attendance Specialist, linda.richard@humbleisd.net or your child's classroom teacher.

    Attendance policy and laws are discussed in the Humble ISD Parent/Student Handbook.

    If possible, please schedule medical and dental appointments after school. This will minimize loss of valuable instructional time for your child, as well as classroom disruption. 


    Attendance Policy

    Regular & consistent attendance is one of the single most important reasons a child achieves success at school.  All students are expected to attend school regularly in order to derive maximum benefit from the instructional program.  

    The tardy bell rings at 8:05 AM. If a student arrives after 8:05 they are to report to the front office for a tardy slip.  If a student arrives after 8:30, parents must sign in the student at the front office.  After 9:35 AM, the student is considered absent for that day unless they have been to the doctor and presents a doctor's note upon arrival.

Report an Absence