1st Grade Fast Facts

First Grade Fast Facts

  • School Hours: 7:55-3:20

    Doors Open: 7:30

    Morning News: 7:55

    Tardy bell: 8:00


    Telephone numbers:

    Mrs. Garrett: (281) 641-3682

    Front Office: (281) 641-3600


    My Email Address: Kathlyn.Garrett@humbleisd.net

    Conferences:  Please email me or send a note with your child to make an appointment. I welcome the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress throughout the year.

    Orientation: Thursday, August 4th @ 4:30 or 6:00 (Please pick 1 session to attend that evening). 

    Medication: All medication, including cough drops, must be delivered by the parent in the original container to the nurse in order for that medication to be dispensed.

    Transportation: Any change in transportation must come in a written note, signed by a guardian to the office and teacher before 12 noon.  Students cannot change buses without consent from Transportation Department 281-641-8720. Please do not email transportation changes to me the day of the change.  There are days I don’t get a chance to check email during the school day or I could have a sub that does not have email access.

    Lunch: Our lunch time is 10:55-11:25 daily. We welcome visitors. You may bring lunch for your child only. Cafeteria prices: Breakfast is $1.50 and lunch is $2.50.

    Everyday Dress: For your child’s safety, please have them wear rubber-soled shoes.  Students have daily opportunities to run/walk at recess and P.E. days change every week.

    Fine Arts: Our fine arts time is 12:50-1:35 (Mon., Tue., Wed., Fri.) and 7:30-9:10 (Thursday).  Each day the fine arts class will change.  The fine arts schedule for each day will be posted in the daily folder.

    Early Release Days: We have 2 early release days this year.

    Snacks: We will have 1 snack daily during class.  Please send a sports-topped water bottle and a healthy snack with your child each day.  I always welcome extra healthy snacks in case children forget theirs. : )

    Birthday Parties:  You may contact the cafeteria manager and she will work with you to facilitate purchasing ice cream tickets for your child to share with the entire class during lunch.  Birthday party invitations are not permitted to be passed out at school.

    Daily Reading Homework:  Homework will consist of nightly reading. Please help your child by listening to them read books or material he/she brings home. 

    Daily Folder:  This folder will also contain a calendar with a fine arts schedule. School flyers and completed work will be sent home on Tuesday in all grades. Please remove the papers and discuss their work at home. Return the folders empty to class the next day.

    Thank you for helping us put our guidelines into place so that we will have a great and successful First Grade Year! This is such a special time in your child’s life…ENJOY IT everyday…treasure these moments!