• Frequently Asked Questions 
    Here you will find answers to commonly asked questions about Mosaic and transition.  If you do not see the answer to your question please feel free to email Courtney.McGrew@humbleisd.net
    How does my child get into Mosaic?
    Students enrolled in Humble ISD who receive special education support services can move from their high school campus to the Mosaic program following their senior year of high school if they have met all the state academic credit requirements and finished their state testing.  The Mosaic program is a program that your child will be Ard'ed to at the end of their senior year.  
    What steps do I need to take to move my child to Mosaic?
    When it is your child's senior year in high school it is time to start planning for the transfer to Mosaic. The first step is to contact your child's case manager or the campus Transition Specialist and request a Mosaic Entrance Interview to be scheduled with Mosaic staff.  During this meeting we will make a plan for your child's transition to the Mosaic program and gather other important information about your child's needs.  Following the Mosaic Entrance Interview an ARD will be scheduled to move placement for the following year to Mosaic.
    What is a Mosaic Entrance Interview?
    A Mosaic Entrance Interview is a time for all the important people in your child's life to come together to discuss the child's future goals, interests, strengths, challenges, support system and ask any questions regarding the program. This meeting is held at the Mosaic campus at the Community Learning Center where a Mosaic staff member will give an overview of the program structure, provide a tour of the facilities and gather important information about the student.  This is NOT an ARD meeting or legal process, but a chance for Mosaic staff, the student and their family to collaborate and discuss the details of the student's transition into the Mosaic program.  
    Can my child attend only the Lonestar portion of the program?
    We do have some students who spend their entire day at Lonestar College but they are working on more than just attending college.  We find that all of our students need support with learning how to be an adult and therefore provide community based learning opportunities to practice these skills.  For instance, a student may enroll in three classes at Lonestar but spend the entire day at school.  While they are not in the class they are working with our teachers to sign up for services at the college, learning how to have a bank account, learning to drive, learning to schedule their own Dr appointment, etc.  We use their time to teach them all the skills they need to be a independent adult while ensuring they are doing what they need to do to be successful at college.  Every student's college schedule looks different and it based on their goals and college plan. 
    Can my student still go to Lonestar College even if they are NOT taking a college credit course?
    Yes - we have three "tracks" for students who want to go to college including those who are take credit and non-credit courses and those who are wanting to participate in the social aspects of the Lonestar College campus.  Please see the Mosaic at Lonestar College page for more information on our college programming.