Directions for Registration

  • First Step - please read the statement below!!!

    Email Lori Gregory @  to be added to the SPARK email group, so you can receive all updates in regards to SPARK.
    If you miss the step above you will be VERY out of the loop!!
    Please follow the steps below to register and create an online account: 
    1. Visit:

    2. Once the page is open, you will see a calendar page, click on "Log In" in the top right-hand corner.

    3. Choose the square in the middle of the page that says NEW USER.

    4. PLEASE make certain to use your student's name in the first & last name boxes - NOT THE PARENT NAME!!!
      We will use this to create a roster each day, so we don't want the parent name popping up.
      If you have two children who are age appropriate, and attending SPARK, add both students names in the first name box.
      Continue to fill in the information needed, then click on register to complete the process.
      Your email is your login & you create your own password, write these down, we do not have access to them - so please do not make them so long and complicated you cannot remember them!

    5. Once you complete this process, log out & log back in to make sure you have access to your account. This is considered the "registration process" for SPARK!

    6. When making reservations it is VERY IMPORTANT to select only one type of event/category at a time  (example: arts/crafts, story time & art, messy fun, etc...) by checking the box next to that event). 
      * DO NOT CHECK EVERY BOX OR YOU WILL NOT SEE ANY EVENTS AT ALL - check 1 box at a time, then look for that event.*