• "WE" are the students of Summer Creek and Kingwood Park High Schools who have worked to create the vision for this project. "WE" are the students who are working tirelessly to develop and execute that same vision. Throughout  this endeavour, "WE" will grow. While additional students will join in this project as we ultimately graduate, we fully intend to remain directly involved in this project through its developement and ultimate success.

The Students Helping Veterans Team

  • Pictured from left to right:

    Back Row:

    Nicholas Logan, Abner Flores, Stuart Hebert, Stephen Wilson, Blayne Adams, Claire Slaughter, Sarah Dalby, Kaylie Lyle. 

    Front Row:

    Alyssa Irvin, Melissa Rasmussen, Addison Young, Chloe Berry, Madison Taylor, and Madilyn Engelhardt