• Humble ISD Employees

    Jack Daniels

    Jack Daniels

    Shepherd Schools (Newton County, Texas) 

    Simmons Schools (Newton County, Texas)

    Ford Schools (Newton County, Texas)

    Fellowship Schools (Madison County)

    Woodward School at Moonshine Hill
    Principal, July 1926 - June 1931

    Charles Bender High School
    Teacher, June 1931 - June 1936

    Humble Elementary
    Principal, June 1936 - May 1956

    Humble Elementary
    Teacher, June 1956 - May 1963

    Bachelor of Arts Degree, Sam Houston State Teachers College

    Master of Education Degree, University of Texas

    Served 37 years in Humble ISD; served two years in World War I and was discharged 06/31/1919 as a First Lieutenant