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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What is a school bond?
    It is like the mortgage on a house. It allows school districts to construct facilities, renovate facilities, purchase land, and technology and spread the cost over the life, or a portion of the life, of the bonds. 

  • Q. How can Humble ISD issue $575 million in bonds and not raise the tax rate?
    Two factors come together to enable Humble ISD to issue $575 million of new debt without raising the property tax rate.

    First, Humble ISD is a fast growing district. As new homes are constructed, new businesses open, and existing property values rise, Humble ISD’s total tax value base grows, allowing the district to collect more debt-service tax revenue without increasing the tax rate.  

    Second, each year Humble ISD retires between $55 million and $60 million of regularly scheduled bond debt. On top of those payments, when the district has extra cash on hand, Humble ISD retires additional debt early.  As the district retires old debt, the funds previously used to make annual payments on the old debt can be reallocated to retire new debt.  

    Humble ISD does not plan to sell bonds until value growth and payments toward existing debt allow the district to do so without raising the debt service tax rate. The district plans to keep the tax rate at $1.52, as it has been for the past decade.

  • Q. What happens if growth does not occur as projected, or if the school district's financial situation changes?
    The passage of the bond proposal authorizes, but does not require, Humble ISD to sell bonds or spend the money. Construction projects may be modified or delayed if growth patterns, needs and/or the financial picture changes. 

  • Q. Teacher salaries and benefits are important. Why are they not included in the proposed bond proposition?
    School districts cannot issue bonds to fund teacher salaries and benefits. Under Texas law, bond funds have limited uses. Bond 2018 funds would be limited to the construction, acquisition, equipment, renovations and repairs of school buildings and facilities. 

  • Q. What are some proposed safety enhancements?

    Emergency Operations Center The District Police Station/Emergency Operations Center would be expanded.

  • Secure Vestibules Schools would be remodeled to include secured visitors' entry at campuses that do not already have a secure vestibule in place. The quality and quantity of security cameras would be increased at schools. 

  • Q. How would technology be affected?
    Technology connectivity and reliability would be improved at all facilities by increasing bandwidth, wifi access, and adding backup power for phone systems. 

  • Q. Where would the second transportation center be located?

    Second Transportation Center A second transportation center would be built near Kingwood. Humble ISD transports about 14,000 students daily. Adding this center would save about $2 million in annual operating costs due to shorter routes and improved response time. 

  • Q. What is proposed for Ag Barns?
    The current northern Agricultural Barn is located on a site that has flooded. The Ag Barn, serving Kingwood and Kingwood Park students, would be rebuilt on a different site. The southern Ag Barn, serving Atascocita, Humble and Summer Creek students, would gain restrooms and office space. 

  • Q. Would students stay on campus during rebuild of Kingwood Middle and Lakeland Elementary?

    Lakeland Elementary Yes. These two schools would be completely rebuilt to the standard of schools being constructed today. This includes larger classrooms and technology and security features. Demolition and construction would be done in stages so that students could continue attending their school while the new building is being built.

  • Q. How will taxes be affected for those over 65 and for disabled homeowners?
    Homeowners with an Over 65 or Disabled homestead exemption receive a tax ceiling for their total school taxes in the year they are granted that exemption by the appraisal district. School district taxes cannot increase above that ceiling as long as they own and live in that home and no major modifications are made to the home.