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Proposed Projects At A Glance

  • Proposed elementary school projects

    • Rebuild Lakeland Elementary School
    • Build a new elementary school
    • Add multipurpose rooms/gyms to 22 schools without indoor space for PE/assemblies so that inclement weather does not limit instruction. Six of 28 schools already have multipurpose rooms/gyms.

    Total elementary school projects' projected cost estimates $144 Million

    Proposed middle school projects

    • Rebuild Kingwood Middle School
    • Build a new middle school
    • Install wood floors in middle school gyms that have sport court

    Total middle school projects' projected cost estimates $139 Million

    Proposed high school projects

    • Add about 10 classrooms to Atascocita High School
    • Add a third gym at every high school to accommodate more student groups
    • Enlarge and renovate Humble High School's library and cafeteria. The campus was designed for 2,400 students and next years' projected campus enrollment, including Quest Early College High School, is 2,900.
    • Rebuild Northern Ag Barns, add restrooms and offce space to the Southern Ag Barns
    • Install field turf at high schools without field turf
    • Install field turf at Turner Baseball/Softball Complex

    Total high school projects' projected cost estimates $67 Million

    Proposed projects occurring throughout the district

    • Expand Police Station/Emergency Operations Center
    • Build a second Transporation Center
    • Renovate Career and Technical Education Classrooms
    • Renovate Charles Street Stadium. Opened in 1941, this stadium is used by middle school football teams, Humble High School freshman and junior varsity teams, and boys' and girls' soccer teams.
    • Add a gym to the Community Learning Center, which serves students up to the age 22 in specialized programs.
    • Technology Infrastruture Updates
    • Building Repairs, Renovations, Property and Infrastructure

    Total projects occuring throughout the district projected cost estimates $225 Million


     Sum total for projected cost estimates $575 Million
    Proposed amounts and projects are based on cost estimates, projected needs, and projected project bid dates as of February 13, 2018, and are subject to change depending on the evolving needs of the District as determined by the Board of Trustees.

It has been 10 years since Humble ISD held a bond referendum

  •  Bonds approved by voters in 2008 have all been sold and funded:

    • Atascocita Springs Elementary School, opened in 2010
    • Ridge Creek Elementary School, opened in 2013
    • Police Station/Emergency Operations Center, opened in 2013
    • Groves Elementary School, opened in 2017
    • West Lake Middle School, opens in August 2018
    • Elementary School #29, which will open in the future
    • Land purchases
    • Turner Stadium renovations

        School Additions from 2008 Bond