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Proposed Field and Gym Facilities

Proposed field and gym facilities
  • Fields & gyms for middle and high school students make up less than 9% of proposed bond expenditures.

    Install field turf Install Field Turf on Football Fields
    Turf is more durable that grass and increases the number of groups-such as middle school teams, band, and community teams-that can use the field each week. Humble High School already has turf at Turner Stadium.

    Add a third gym at high schools Add a Third Gym at High Schools
    Gyms are used for PE, assemblies, ROTC, cheerleading, dance team, special education adaptive athletics, sports teams and fine arts performances.

    Install wood gym floors at middle schools Install Wood Gym Floors at Middle Schools that currently have Sport Court
    Ross Sterling Middle School already has wood gym floors.

    Add multipurpose room at 23 campuses Add a Multipurpose Room at 23 Campuses
    The Community Learning Center and 22 elementary schools would gain indoor space for PE. These elementaries currently use outdoor covered pavilions, which poses challenges during inclement weather.

    Install field turf at Turner Softball/Baseball Complex Install field turf at Turner Baseball/Softball Complex
    Turf is more durable than grass and mitigates rainouts.

    Renovate Charles Street Stadium Renovate Charles Street Stadium
    Used by middle school football teams, Humble High School freshmen and junior varsity teams, and boys' and girls' soccer teams.