•  Humble ISD History

    General Trivia

    1. Humble ISD started as Harris County Common School District No. 28.

    2. Humble High School celebrated it's 100th birthday during 2017-2018 (1 year before Humble ISD celebrated it's 100th birthday).

    3. Louise Panzarella was the first woman to serve on the Humble ISD School Board (she was elected in 1969).

    4. There have been 12 Superintendents in Humble's history.

    5. Charles Cunningham is the first African-American to serve on the Humble ISD School Board (he was elected in 2007).

    6. Humble ISD almost merged with the East & Mount Houston School District in the 1950s.  It was voted down by the Humble citizens.  East & Mount Houston later became North Forest ISD.  North Forest ISD was shut down by the State, and merged with Houston ISD in 2013.

    7. Only two Humble ISD schools are named for people: Jack M. Fields, Sr. Elementary School & Ross Sterling Middle School. (Humble Elementary, Humble Middle School and Humble High School are named after the City of Humble...not Pleasant Humble)

    8. The Humble school district provided schooling to African-American students starting in 1886.  Less than half of the Harris County schools provided education to these children at that time.

    9. German actress Franka Potente (Run Lola Run, Bourne Identity) spent some time as a foreign exchange student at Humble High School during her junior year (1992-1993).

    10. The West River School (1888-1909) was located where the southern half of the Humble Cemetery on Isaacks Road now stands.

    11. W. W. Williams, who served on the school board for District No. 35 (1907-1909, 1912-1918), District No. 50 (1918) and Humble ISD (1923-1929), was the grandson of Joseph W. Dunman (the man who opened the first school in the Humble area).

    12. Linda Avina, former librarian for Humble Elementary, worked for Humble ISD longer than anyone: 41 1/2 years.

    13. Humble ISD really did have a Principal named Jack Daniels who served as Principal of the Moonshine Hill School (the Woodward School).

    14. Actress Deborah Foreman (Real Genius, Valley Girl, My Chauffer) spent her junior year at Humble High School (1978-1979).

    15. Only two women have ever been the Principal of Humble High School: Frances R. Hyde (during its first year) and Donna Ullrich (Principal during it's 100th year).

    16. Dr. Al Moore served on the school board longer than anyone...27 years!

    17. Oaks Elementary School was the first school built in the Atascocita area. During construction, it was referred to as ""the Atascocita Elementary" (before it was decided to name it Oaks Elementary). It opened in December 1979.

    18. Foster Elementary was the first school built in Kingwood. It opened in January 1971, and was named for the Foster Lumber Company which originally owned the land in that part of Kingwood.

    19. On May 17, 1983, the humble football stadium on Wilson Road  was re-named to George E. Turner Stadium in honor of the former superintendent.

    20. Hidden Hollow Elementary School opened in August 1990. It has had the same Principal (Janice Wiederhold) all this time!

    21. Wildcats was the name chosen for the football team of Humble High School because it sounded like a ferocious animal. Prior to 1924, the football team chose a different mascot and school colors each year. In 1924, the students voted for Purple and White as the permanent school colors, and the Wildcat as the permanent mascot.

    22. The 1999-2000 school-year was the first time that the Internet was available in all Humble ISD classrooms.  At least one computer in each classroom could access the internet.

    23. The Ross Sterling Middle School building has been home to three schools: Humble Middle School (1972-1993), Humble High School 9th Grade Campus (1993-2007), and Ross Sterling Middle School (2007-present).

    24. Humble ISD's student enrollment was 1,435 students during its first year (1918-1919).  One hundred years later, enrollment is a little over 43,000.

    25. On February 18, 1965, school was cancelled for two days after 21% of students across the district were out sick.

    26. A. A. Pierce served as Principal of Humble High School from June 1942 through June 1946, and left to become the Superintendent of the New Caney schools.  His grandson is now on the Humble City Council (David Pierce).

    27. From 1909-1947, African-American students attended the Colored School, located on the west side of the railroad tracks near Bordersville.

    28. Land for the West River School was donated by William S. Humble, son of town founder Pleasant Humble.  That land is now part of the Humble cemetery.

    29. Daniel Henry Womack served as the 1st Superintendent of the Humble schools, from 1909 to 1911.

    30. Schott Park in Humble is named for former Humble School Board member Hilton Schott.

    31. Jane Schneider Nelson became the first Humble ISD female Principal since 1929, when she was appointed Principal of Woodland Hills Elementary in 1975.

    32. The Humble Grammar School was destroyed in a pre-dawn fire in January 1929. For the next year, students doubled up with Humble High School, with half of the students attending in the morning, and the other half in the afternoon.

    33. Dr. Elizabeth Fagen is the 12th Humble ISD Superintendent, and the 1st woman to serve in that position.

    34. The standard salary for a teacher at Humble High School in 1930 was $150-$175 per month.

    35. Dr. J. B. Dubose was the first President of the Humble ISD School Board (in 1919).  In 1933, he became the first Mayor of Humble, Texas.

    36. In 1947, the Colored School burned down and all African-American students were transferred to Aldine. There were no African-American students in Humble ISD from 1947-1965. However, Humble ISD voluntarily de-segregated schools in 1965...while many other districts fought de-segregation well into the 1970s.

    37. 12th grade was added to the Humble schools for the 1940-1941 school year (by adding an extra year of instruction into the middle school curriculum).

    38. The first graduates in Humble were twins Edith and Ethel Innman