•  Humble ISD History

    1970s Major Events of the Decade 


    • The popular band "The Beatles" announces they have disbanded.
    • NASA's Apollo 13 Moon Mission returns to Earth successfully after abandoning its mission to the Moon after experiencing oxygen tank problems and an explosion.
    • The first jumbo-jet, the Boeing 747, makes its debut commercial flight from New York to London.
    • Computer Floppy Disks introduced.
    • Kent State shootings.


    • The U.S. voting age is lowered from 21 to 18 years old when the 26th amendment is ratified. 
    • The Walt Disney World Resort is opened in Orlando, Florida. 
    • The first microprocessor, the 4004, is released by Intel.
    • VCRs are introduced. 


    • The Watergate Scandal begins when White House operatives are caught burglarizing the Democratic National Committee.
    • PONG, the first video game to have commercial success, is released.  
    • The first U.S. cable subscription service, HBO, is introduced.
    • Pocket Calculators are introduced.


    • Secretariat wins the Triple Crown in horse racing.
    • The Mariner 10 space probe is launched by NASA and later becomes the first spacecraft to study Mercury.
    • Billie Jean King beats Bobby Riggs in the "Battle of the Sexes" tennis match.
    • Skylab, America's first Space Station, is launched.
    • Spiro Agnew, U.S. Vice-President, resigns.


    • U.S. President Richard Nixon resigns from office after being implicated in the Watergate Scandal, and Gerald Ford becomes president.
    • The UPC Bar Code is introduced.
    • The world's population is estimated 4 billion people.
    • April 8th Hank Aaron hits home run 715 to pass Babe Ruth as the all time home run hitter in Major League Baseball.


    • The Vietnam War ends.
    • Bill Gates and Paul Allen create Microsoft.
    • The popular late-night sketch show, Saturday Night Live, airs for the first time.
    • Arthur Ashe becomes the first black man to win Wimbledon.


    • Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak create the Apple Computer Company.
    • NASA introduces the first space shuttle, the Enterprise.
    • The Democratic candidate, Jimmy Carter, defeats Republican incumbent, Gerald Ford, to win the U.S. Presidential race.
    • The Muppet Show premiers.
    • Nadia Comaneci given seven perfect Tens at the Olympics.


    • Control of the Panama Canal is returned to Panama from the United States.
    • The Trans-Alaskan Pipeline is opened.
    • MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Scanner is first tested.
    • Elvis Presley found dead.


    • The very first "Garfield" comic strip debuts in 41 U.S. newspapers.
    • Louise Brown, the very first test tube baby, is born.
    • The computer video game Space Invaders is released.


    • The Three Mile Island nuclear incident occurs in Pennsylvania.
    • The Walkman is introduced by Sony.
    • Michael Jackson's debut solo album "Off the Wall" is released.
    • Iran takes American hostages in Tehran.
    • Margaret Thatcher becomes first women Prime Minister of Great Britain.