Community Learning Center Textbook Procedures

  • Student enters program and does not have the book they are needing for class.

    1. Please email their home campus teacher requesting what book they use in class. Please CC Michael Heckman and Karen Williams in your email to teacher.
    2. Once teacher responds with title of book, Mr. Heckman/Williams will then contact the district IMA Coordinator and request the book.
    3. Once book is on CLC campus it will go to Mr. Heckman/Williams.
    4. Mr. Heckman/Williams will enter the book information into the form provided for you in our Campus File Drive. You are free to look at it at anytime for your records.

    (To find file: Google Drive→ Team Drives→ CLC Staff Common→ TEXTBOOKS→ Form named Textbook Student Request)

    When Student leaves CLC Campus to return to Home Campus

    1. Please bring textbook back to Mr. Heckman/Williams.
    2. The book will then be entered into the form as returned and put into the mail back to the District IMA Coordinator.



Last Modified on August 12, 2022