• Community Learning Center

    Teacher of the Year

    The following persons have been designated as Teacher of the Year at the Community Learning Center:

    1989: Kimberly Huseman (Alternative Center)

    1991: Kimberly Huseman (Alternative Center)

    1992: Kimberly Huseman (Alternative Center)

    1994: Kimberly Huseman (Alternative Center)

    1998-1999: Katye L. Kole (Discipline Program)

    1999-2000: Clarisa Che (Discipline Program)

    2000-2001: Janie Wilkins (Discipline Program)

    2002-2003: Katye L. Kole (Discipline Program)

    2003-2004: Rex Inman (Discipline Program)

    2004-2005: Michael Heckman (Discipline Program)

    2005-2006: Budd Todd (Structured Learning)

    2006-2007: Don Hawes (Structured Learning)

    2007-2008: Debbie Burch (Structured Learning)

    2012-2013: Julie Gere (Disciplinary Alternative Education Program)

    2013-2014: Joe Callaghan (Disciplinary Alternative Education Program)

    2014-2015: Judy Beavin (Disciplinary Alternative Education Program)

    2015-2016: Kerri Bearnth (Disciplinary Alternative Education Program)

    2016-2017: Vernon Massey (Disciplinary Alternative Education Program)

    2017-2018: Esperonsa McGee (Community Learning Center)

    2018-2019: Kevin Krueger (Community Learning Center)

    2019-2020: Marilyn Marcentel

    2020-2021: Kerri Bearnth