•  Creekwood Middle School


    Creekwood Middle School held a Dedication Week October 5-9, 1981 with activities scheduled every day.

    The first activity was a pep rally where the school fight song was introduced.  It was written written by Creekwood Choir Director Roy Ford with music chosen by Creekwood Band Director Buck Bankston.

    The next event was the flag ceremony.  The Porter VFW Ladies' Auxiliary provided an American Flag.  A Texas Flag was presented which had flown over the state capital.  The P.T.A. provided a school flag designed by Assistant Principal Mrs. Marlece Davis.

    Each fourth period flag participated in plant a shurb or tree day.  118 trees and shrubs were planted.

    The last event was building dedication day.  The guest speaker was Don Nelson from the Good Morning Houston television program.  Allen Dusek officially dedicated the building, and green and white balloons were released.  The student council buried a time capsule with information about the school that was set to be opened in the year 2000.

    Don Nelson Don Nelson of Good Morning Houston speaking at the Dedication Ceremony

    Gayle Watkins
    Gayle Watkins speaking at the Dedication Ceremony

    Flag Ceremony
    Paul Roser at the Flag Ceremony

    Mrs. Marlece Davis and Mr. Gayle Watkins
    Marlece Davis and Gayle Watkins at the Dedication Ceremony

    Allen Dusek
    Allen Dusek speaking at the Dedication Ceremony

    Planting Trees and Shrubs
    Mrs. Ford's class planting trees and shrubs

    The Creekwood Band
    The Creekwood Band playing the School Song for the students

    Student Council
    Tony Battelle, Stacy Mosley, Dennis Whitmer, James Ivey,
    and Kathy Niles representing the Student Council

    Brad Wilson
    Brad Wilson explains the time capsule at the Dedication Ceremony