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    BE THE CHANGE January 21-24                                 

    “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” - Mahatma Ghandi.

    As part of our Affective Education program, GTE invites all students to participate in “Be the Change Week.” Our goal is to further develop positive connections, respect, understanding and tolerance on campus while reducing the incidences of teasing, social aggression and bullying.

    Be the Change Week, January 21-24th, strives to bring about positive change for social interactions on our campus. Throughout the week, students will be engaged in a variety of activities that will foster a safe, positive environment for ALL students at GTE.

    Tuesday, January 21-“Band Against Bullies!" Wear a bandana or bandaids and commit to making a new friend at school.

    Wednesday, January 22-“Strike out Bullying with Oribit the Astros mascot!” Wear your Astros shirt/orange or blue shirt to show that you are ready to stand up and speak out against bullying with Orbit.

    Thursday, January 23-“Put Bullying to Bed!” Wear pajamas to show that you are tired of bullying and will not allow it at GTE!

    Friday, January 24- Wear your clothing inside out and crazy hair to show that you are a good friend on both the inside and the outside.