Distance learning for all Auto Tech classes during the school clusure:

    Click on the link below and login to sp2.org.  This is the same website we used to become safety certified at the beginning of the year.


    USERNAME: The username is your last name.  Some people may need to add a 1 or 2 or 3 to the end of their last name.  For instance if your last name is Smith then there is a good chance that there are quite a few other Smiths that have been entered into the system before you, so try entering Smith1 and if that doesn't work then try Smith2 and so forth and so on.  

    PASSWORD: Your password is your 6 digit student ID.

     *2 new modules will be available on the S/P2 website every Monday by 9am.


    I will be available for tutoring or any questions with Zoom meetings every Tue from 8-9am & 12-1pm.  The new password & meeting ID will be emailed to you on your school email.