Elementary Mathematics

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    The Humble ISD Elementary Math Model encompasses a balanced approach to developing mathematical fluency, conceptual understanding and mathematical reasoning. Math is connected to real life situations and requires students to communicate about their thinking as required by state standards. The principles of algebraic thinking are embedded within the math model framework and require students to use properties as well as place value to solve computational problems.

    The essence of math is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple.”

                                                                  S. Gudder



    Humble ISD elementary math students will…

    • Develop into a “21st Century learner…..”
    • Question, reason, represent, and justify to connect and generalize mathematical ideas and relationships to apply in real life situations
    • Possess mathematical language, fluency and numeracy
    • Be flexible, efficient, and accurate in their mathematical thinking
    • Persevere and increase confidence by deepening their understanding through connecting their ideas and strategies
    • Be active and inquisitive mathematical learners
    • Actively participate and share mathematical thinking



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